Do you ever retrace your steps following how each tiny footprint left behind…

lead you to where you are in your life right now?

We often hear ‘it was meant to be’

Hindsight it would seem…

is a wonderful thing.

It is a cliché that life is funny nor do we know exactly where we will end up.

For example: I had never heard of the charming island – Malta prior to visiting, well not counting Eurovision or a job offer some years much earlier…nothing which broke any brain waves.

It wasn’t until I were in desperate need of a break and typed into “The Google” ‘Wheres still hot in Europe?’ (in October) only for the results to throw up Malta and Portugal. I sometimes wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t visited Portugal a few months earlier or hadn’t decided to venture outside of my comfort zone.

Trying something new can be scary and uncomfortable still whilst navigating those first unfamiliar steps, but if nothing else it’ll make way for an incredible adventure (and of course awesome story!)

It’s during such times we learn what “does not kill us only makes us stronger”

Clichés can be much like an annoyingly over-protective mum who knows everything or the dear wise grandmother who smiles knowingly when you regale an experience you’ve had for the first time… either way they contain truth.

It may be cliché but leaving this awesome quote by Andre Gide right here – ”One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.”

Love and light,