Greetings from January

Greetings from January

Is it me or has this month flown by?

Looking back, aside from being busy… this month has been a happy one. And perhaps the reason it felt incredibly short. If it wasn’t for the news declaring Brexit Day, January may have calmly slipped away unnoticed.

January is a month I associate with being dark and dreary. A month filled of cold bleak days seeming to drag on endlessly. This one has been rather different with the season feeling more like Spring! Last weekend reached a balmy 18 degrees in the sun. Although I know a Mediterranean climate enjoys milder winters, it has still been a pleasant surprise.

A round up of January

January has been an extremely sunny month and I saw the goldiest of gold sunrises. They energised me enough to get out for walks before starting work. Being out first thing is like observing a peaceful prayer. Everything is silent except for the sounds of a distant rooster cock-a-doodle-do-ing.

Of course, you will know this month I enjoyed trips to Mgarr and picturesque Comino.
Other outings included trips to Selmum, Crystal Lagoon, Palazzo Pariso and Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples – the oldest megalithic temples in the world (cue incoming blog posts).


Crystal Lagoon





Stately Visit

Last weekend I was out exploring more of the island and stumbled upon Palazzo Parisio. The name alone exudes elegance and is a majestic palace built in the 18th century. After walking through grand wooden doors I enjoyed afternoon tea in its pretty tea room. Already convinced I had found a gem, I ventured into the garden. Filled with an array of colourful flowers and lush trees… I decided there and then that I found the most beautiful gardens in the whole of Malta. And I almost lost myself in childlike wonder walking through it.






Maltas’ Colourful Past

This month my interest has been piqued by Malta’s rich and interesting history. I have read the most fascinating stories which include: Knights of Malta, St Paul and the order of St John. I also read about Malta’s involvement in the Great World Wars and visited World War II Shelters in Mellieha and Rotunda Mosta – A parish church, with the third largest dome in the world. During the war a 200kg bomb fell through the dome during morning mass. Miraculously the bomb didn’t explode.

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Last month, a handwritten letter was placed into my hand by my partner. Immediately recognising the writing, I was elated. It was a Christmas card from my favourite human in the entire universe – my “granny”.

Whilst it is great that I have a blog and a digital presence on Instagram where my loved ones can follow my journey… my favourite human can’t. Unsure why I didn’t think of the idea before, I created postcards from my many photographs using Canva. Feeling pretty pleased with myself, I wore a goofy grin to the Post Office and emphatically declared ‘I am here to buy stamps!’


What’s next?

January saw my partner and I book our holiday to Rome. This trip will incorporate Naples, Amalfi Coast and Capri and I am super excited. I don’t know much about any of these places having never been before which definitely adds to the appeal.

All in all January has been a great month. I wait to see what this weird and wonderful journey has in store.

Love and light,




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