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4 Free Mental Health Resources for P.O.C

4 Free Mental Health Resources for P.O.C

After hearing Michelle Obama open up about her feelings of low grade depression folIowing the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest… I wondered how many others are feeling the same way?

How many of you are in still having to navigate through spaces which are completely tone deaf, still experiencing micro-aggressions at work and are feeling fatigued and/or dispirited?⁣

Mental health in the black community is still a stigma, we are taught to be resilient. To mull through it. Society demands we suppress our true feelings acting as if nothing has happened nor is happening. We still have to show up and in many ways have been inadvertently conditioned to deny our reality. ⁣

Forget what you may have been told, it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s okay not to be okay. Take care and you’ll slay again soon.⁣

Here are 4 mental health resources I thought I’d share. I hope it helps you lift your crown again. ⁣

⁣Therapy for Black Girls is a podcast hosted by psychologist Dr Joy Harden Bradford offering an empowering source of comfort. The podcast discusses everything from mental health to personal development and gives you handy little tips to improve your overall mental health. ⁣

Liberate Meditation App (available on iPhone) – not only does this app offer guided meditations, there are also lots of spiritual & philosophical talks too. Ever wondered why your body responds the way it does to micro-aggressions? This app explains why and more.⁣

⁣P.O.C online classroom – this website doesn’t solely centre on mental health but also on material promising to leave you feeling empowered. The resources curated include: articles on radical self love, intersectional feminism and much more.

Sista Afya Community Wellness From the moment you land on site, you’ll feel the overwhelming sense of community. There are plenty of free articles centred on the black experience detailing mental health conditions, you’ll also find even more resources to jumpstart your own healing journey. Go read “Black Girls Rock”

If you know of further resources please share in the comments👇🏾⁣

Love and light,


Published by Girl in Malta