Maybe it’s a combination of the vibrant Mediterranean hues.

Strolls along the Sliema promenade

Or perhaps, the traditional Maltese houses lining the streets.

Traditional Maltese houses. The balconies are known as “Gallerija’s”

It’s 100% the pull of the brilliant turquoise waters, the salty air and even the-work-in-progress Maltese skyline…

that gently coax you into a relaxing stroll along the Sliema promenade.

For me, walking is the best way to experience all the delights of Malta and the mild November temperatures make it all the more magical.

The promenade, St Julians, Malta

Walking is also a great way to get around Malta and familiarise yourself with the different villages and towns. Each offer their own personal brand of charm.

After around four months I visited my office today. I work in a popular town called Sliema near an area known as “Exiles”.


I have a confession.

This is was my least favourite part of the island, possibly because it felt just too loud and commercial but…

it’s growing on me.

Perhaps its the pull of the turquoise waters

As you know I have been safely (and luckily) working from home. But, we recently moved our offices to this location and (when I am here) my lunch hours are generally spent exploring and/or strolling along the Sliema promenade.

Today was no exception.

Lunchtimes are spent strolling along the Sliema promenade

Recently, I learned “Exiles” got its name because of expats frequenting this particular stretch of beach. (Sounds pretty obvious now, right?)

Aside from the chirping birds and an eccentric-sounding neighbour, life in Malta is pretty quiet at the moment, particularly this part of Sliema. Usually (or pre-‘Rona ), Sliema is known as a central hub (Although it isn’t technically in the centre of the island) and can feel like Piccadilly Circus at times.

Sliema means “peace” in Maltese

A quick fun fact for you: (Ironically) Sliema means “peace” in Maltese. Mind you, when you take some back streets you’ll find parts where “Sliema” is…

an aptly named locality.

My hour is up. Stay safe and have a great day ❤

Wait, I’m curious…

what do you do during your lunch break? Do tell. 😊