Metamorphosis – The Great Transformation

Have you heard of “Metamorphosis”?

It’s one of my favourite metaphors.

Metamorphosis is the extraordinary transformation a caterpillar must undergo in order to emerge a beautiful butterfly. ⁣

The word conjures images of something out of a science-fiction movie, yet refers to a magical process of life.⁣

And we are no different…

in a spiritual sense.

We too metamorphosise.

We too transition. Growing and evolving in order to move fluidly through life.

Without metamorphosising into different versions of “self” our spirits remains stagnant and unable to flourish.

When I initially decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery, I feared change and desperately wanted to find a way to maintain my level of comfort.

But as the saying goes:

Nothing grows in comfort zones.

Essentially life is an adventure – a journey and requires that each day you step outside of the box to discover something outside of your comfort zone in order to move towards who you really are.⁣

All you’re required to do is:

Let go and trust in the process.

As you venture through life you’ll meet guides and learn lessons instilling love within you but…

there will also be knocks and bumps along the way…

with each “knock” you will undergo yet another phase of “metamorphosis” emerging stronger, wiser yes, but equipped to fly into your next adventure.

We might think of an “adventure” in a dramatic sense involving travelling, extreme sports or sailing the seven seas.⁣

But it doesn’t have to be.⁣

An adventure can be getting out of bed, walking to the end of the street, leaving a toxic relationship, learning to “just be” or drinking steaming cups of coffee and pottering about in the garden.

Or __________

*insert your adventure in the comments*

Once the caterpillar completes the process of metamorphosing into a butterfly there is no turning back.


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