Day 336 of 366: A round up of November 2020

November flew by.

Mind you so did most of 2020.

Happy new month by the way, can you believe it’s 1st December of the longest-shortest-year of our lives already?

Last night we put up our Christmas tree, the first one since I’ve been in Malta. I guess it really is starting to feel like home (whatever “home” is).

“Does this means we are grown ups now?”

(I wonder)

Being an 80’s baby, I can’t help but think:

Christmas this year is going to feel very much like it did back before we sold our souls to capitalism. Slow days spent at home, watching movies with an emphasis on family, appreciation and of purpose.

Either that or I’m getting old.

(Tip: If you’re not feeling Christmassy yet, start decorating your home with decorations whilst rocking out to Mariah Careys’ ‘All I want for Christmas’ and it’s bound to get you into the spirit!)

Talking of 80’s baby…November saw Malcolm and I celebrate our birthdays (we are both Scorpios), where we spent three nights at The Loft, a magical farmhouse on the South of the island, in Zabbar.

Up until last week, the weather in November has been fantastic here in (sunny) Malta. And… we managed to spend a majority of the month at the beach. Nature has been the best antidote for all the horrors of 2020.

My “grumpa” died in September and on some days it still doesn’t feel real. Morbid thoughts and unanswered questions fill my head. Considering death is the only thing “precedented” in life… isn’t it odd how little we speak about it (- death) and/or how uncomfortable the subject makes us.

Some days I pour myself into work, but struggle with creativity. It’s not been long at all and I try to give myself grace. But… the dilemma I find myself with is: what are you supposed to do when you are paid to be creative?


and since I mentioned dilemma have you seen The Social Dilemma – the Netflix docu-whatchoocallit about social media. If you haven’t… then I highly recommend a watch.

Coincidentally, I watched The Social Dilemma during Halloween weekend (and it creeped me out!) What an eye-opener! I think one of the many takeaways (other than the insatiable appetite of capitalism) is:

when one of the big social media insider techs says (spoiler alert):

”If you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product.

When I look at how politically polarised the world has become and the suicide rates, even here in Malta and notably generation Z… I see it now.

Humans sell. We. Us. Our mental health are the commodity.

Watch it.

Needless to say, November welcomed my self imposed break from social media.

I hope it doesn’t seem as if November has been all doom and gloom because (pandemic aside) it really hasn’t. Apart from our stay at The Loft, we stayed at The Solana Spa Hotel (a stone’s throw away and review pending ha!)

And.. we even squeezed in a Spa Day at Ramla Bay Resort.

If you’re wondering how to socially distance at a spa

– the key is getting there early and using the outside jacuzzi... even if it does look like the heavens are about to open any moment soon 😀

How was November for you?

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