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79 Easy (Peasy) Habits For a Happier Life

79  Easy (Peasy) Habits For a Happier Life

Have you given much thought to a new new years resolution?


How about forming a new habit instead…

it’s longer lasting and will make you feel happier and healthier.

There are so many you can try that will empower and uplift you and I have listed quite a few (79 to be exact) for you to choose from. Some habits have helped me immensely with my own journey such as quitting smoking, meditation and implementing more self-love.

I’ve broken the habits into four categories which are:

Mind(set), Body and Soul served with a big healthy dollop of Self Love to help you choose.

They are all year-proof and will ultimately lead to a happier life this year (and beyond).

That said, Rome or in this case Habits are not built in a day. According to behavioural experts, it can take up to 66 days to form a habit. Not long when you compare all the unconscious (bad) habits formed over a lifetime.

Take your time and begin sloooooooowly. This is why I have said for example “drink more water” rather than 6-8 litres a day, (which is the ultimate goal) but if you’re anything like me and struggle with one on some days then trust the process and ease in gently.

So lets get started with forming 79 easy-peasy habits!


  1. “Count your blessings, name them one by one”. Learn to express gratitude, write it down or sing it out and let it marinade in your mind.
  2. Keep a diary and journal everyday (Check out 33 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery)
  3. Set (realistic) goals and smash them one by one 
  4. Practice being here in the now. Use all your senses and observe mindfulness.
  5. Create and use positive affirmations.
You can create your own affirmation cards – this could also double up as your creative outlet
  1. Switch up the negative narrative in your mind.
    Try to catch your negative thoughts and gently shift them along.  (Think mindfulness, being completely here and in the now) 
  2. Try and reflect on what lessons your life is teaching you. There’s always something. 
  3. Get out of your own way and get out of your comfort zone
  4. Visualise your dream life.
  5. Release anything weighing you down
  6. Find your own creative outlet. Mine is writing what’s yours?
  7. Unplug from everything mobile phone, emails, TV, the world at least one a week
  8. Learn to trust in the process.
  9. Become more intentional about your life. What is it you wish to accomplish?
  10. Become an eternal learner and read often.
  11. Write down your most important tasks 
  12. Listen to upbeat music 
  13. Make it a habit to empower others and in turn…yourself.
  14. Know you are the artist of your life, adopt healthier habits and create well  
  15. Practice deep breathing from your belly and learn to destress


  1. Move at least 30 mins a day 
  2. Get a daily dose of vitamin through sunlight or a therapy light
  3. Make it a habit to go to bed by 11pm every night, yes the weekends too. (With electronics or anything emitting a blue light off at least an hour before)
  4. Laugh and smile often – Long story but a laughter yogi once told me:  your body cannot differentiate between false laughter and real. So whether forced or not you’ll reap the same benefits and feel happier. 
  5. Improve your circadian rhythm and sleep better by watching the sunrise and sunset
  6. Drink more water
  7. Get into the habit of stretching 5-10 minutes a day
  8. Eat enough fibre
  9. Get your 5-a-day (at least) Eat 5 pieces of fruit and/or vegetables each day.
  10. Take a probiotic daily.
  11. Wake up earlier and do absolutely nothing. No tv, no phone, just you and the stillness
  12. Exercise 3-5 times a week. P.s dancing in front of the mirror counts
  13. I know from experience just how hard this is but: don’t smoke or try to quit
  14.  Reduce your alcohol/caffeine intake
  15. Make it a new habit to get a smear test regularly and remind your loved ones to do the same
  16. “Go vegan” at least once a week
  17. Sleep 7-9 hours per night
  18. Take regular breaks away from screen time. 5 minutes per hour. Which brings me to…
  19. Get your eyes checked annually (and wear your glasses when you’ve been advised to)
  20. Don’t wait until your tooth aches. Get regular dental check ups
  21. Get outside, spend time with mother nature.

    I read somewhere that the frequency that creates chlorophyll and the air we breathe is known as the love frequency (528Hz). Spending time in nature naturally boosts our immune system, reduces stress and is a natural healer. What’s more, plants provide the same benefits. Guess what number 22 is?
  22. Invest in house plants
  23. With so many wonderful and inexpensive recipes out there, try planning healthy meals in advance. An extra tip as a sure fast way to ensure you is to only buy the ingredients you’ll need
  24. Get into the habit of cooking your meals from scratch.
    It’s a win-win a self loving act that will make you feel good all ways round 
  25. Look for little (healthier) ways to make yourself happier 


  1. Practise meditation, it does sound new-age-ish. But honestly does you the world of good. If you’re not entirely sure where to begin you can find guided ones on Youtube that will walk you through it. 
  2. Say a heart felt prayer.
  3. Learn to accept the ebb and flow of life. The good, the bad, the ugly. 
  4. Learn to let go of your past. Another habit I struggled with. What I find useful is acknowledging whatever it is you feel unable to move on from. Write it down and acknowledge it, cry and mourn the past if you must. Sometimes looking at situations from a fresher perspective really helps.  Recognise the energy is not serving you by holding on the past, it’s going against the flow of life and far more painful.  (Trust me I know). If you struggle with letting go of the past and it’s been some time, then it may be time to enlist the help of a professional. Theres no shame in it. A book called Boundaries really shaped the way I viewed forgiveness and letting go. Which brings me to….
  5. Read spiritual books. Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle changed my life and helped calm my “monkey-mind” (read more about it here)
  6. Repeat daily mantras.
  7. (Re)Connect to nature.
  8. Tune into yourself and trust your intuition.


  1. Make time to practise more self-care, make a day of it!
  2. Walk in your truth and embody your authentic self
  3. Make it a habit to express your inner feelings  
  4. There’s only one YOU in the entire universe. Get into the habit of being you unapologetically. 
  5. Write yourself a love letters often listing all what you love about you? 
  6. Compliment yourself in the mirror. No it’s not vain, it’s a healthy dose of self love. 
  7. Comparison is the thief of joy. Remember, there’s only one you, so don’t compare yourself. Unless it’s with you to see how far you’ve come. 
  8. Don’t let anyone steal your energy, cut contact with toxic people.
  9. Live on your own timeline and do what makes you happy.
  10. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Put you first. Always.
  11. Learn to say no without explaining yourself 
  12. Learn to clap for yourself and celebrate every win (a win is a win, regardless of the prize)
  13. Do something that scares you frequently. P.s.. it can be as simple as changing your coffee order! 

If want even more self love tips then this post explores the subject further

14. Life is an adventure. You are the artist so paint well and follow your dreams

Listen to an empowering or inspiring podcast Make time to rest when you need it.

Look after your skin, it has to last you a lifetime 

Have a skincare routine.

Wash and condition your hair and cut off them split ends 

Explore and get out there as often as you can. (This includes your back garden) 

Make a bucket list and tick them off one by oneDeclutter your home and don’t waste your money on things you don’t need.

We all have a favourite song right? Pop it on and dance like no one’s watching.

I’m guilty of this one so saying this to me too: Give yourself grace and try not to be so hard on yourself.

Tomorrow isn’t promised so tell others often just how much they mean to you. 

Start loving yourself for exactly who you are. If you are unsure of who you are. Don’t worry, start spending time getting to know you.  

Do you really need all that stuff you’re spending your hard earned cash on? Become more conscious about your spending habits and start saving for dreams and experiences.

There you have it 79 easy peasy habits to form for a happier life. If you’re unsure, go for the one that seems to call out most to you as you read it.

Once you start trying to form a new habit and fall off a bit. Don’t be too hard on yourself, maybe you need to break it down smaller so it fits a little easier into your schedule.

For example, if you want to cook your meals from scratch for the whole week, maybe begin with 2-3 times first and exercise your “habitual muscles”. Ease in gently and trust the process.

Good luck and I would love to hear which habits resonates most with you. Tell me in the comments 🙂

Take care,



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