It’s been wet and windy the last few days as if to coincide with the winter solstice. But Friday was a beautiful sunny day in Malta so we decided to take a day trip up to Gozo – and of course had to include Dwejra Inland Sea

Sailing in the Malta-Gozo Channel

Dwejra is located on the western coast of Gozo, closest to a town called San Lawrenz. It is a picturesque spot and you may have heard of it before. This is where the famous Azure window was before it collapsed three years ago.

That being said… Dwejra is still very much a spot you won’t want to miss.

The inland sea is a geological masterpiece, a lagoon of seawater where an 80 metre naturally formed tunnel leads to awe-inspiring cliffs, a small islet and, the open Mediterranean waters.

Dwejra Point Inland Sea

The tunnel is small enough for traditional Maltese boats – known as Luzzu (or any small boat for that matter) to pass through. As you get beyond the tunnel, the sea bed that started out with a two-meter depth disappears and drops to a 50-meters – thus making it one of the best diving spots in Europe!

Luzzu boat looking out through the tunnel leading to Mediterranean Waters

On Friday, I learned when the wind is blowing in a north-easterly direction… Gozo’s west coast dazzles in the sunshine. However, you can check the conditions of any beach here.

Of course once offered a boat ride from a local fisherman €4, we jumped at the chance. Entering the majestic gorge almost feels mythical. Like you’re being teleported to another world. Since you’re surrounded by rocks, the water here is more crystalline than ever!

Throughout our whimsical boat ride, we drifted through a network of caves, passing through the remains of the collapsed Azure window. (You can see this better if you go diving).

We stopped to take in the wonders Dwerja offers, stopping just short of small islet Fungus Rock or in Maltese ‘Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral’ (and translates to The General’s Rock).

Check out highlights of the boat ride through the Dwejra Inland Sea below.

Boat ride around Dwejra

There’s something about being surrounded by boundless nature that’s healing to the soul. A reminder that we are small and vulnerable, and I cannot recommend a visit here enough. (Go see it!).

Aside from Dwejra inland sea, other points of interest in the vicinity are St Anne’s Chapel and the Dwejra (watch)Tower built by Knights of Malta in 1652 (opposite Fungus Rock).