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Know ThySelf: 33 Journal Prompts To Discover Your Authentic Self

From self-discovery to tracking progress and releasing stress and even a springboard for creativity, journalling offers so many benefits. I’ve journaled off and on since I was a teenager, and it’s helped me introspect and understand myself on a deeper level.

You would think we ought to know ourselves better after all these years, but it’s not always as simple as that.

We live in a world full of distractions, not to mention remnants of “should haves” passed down from our parents or others and lingering on in our brains.

Sometimes we can become disconnected from our inner (authentic) voice. And that’s where journalling for self discovery can help!

There isn’t right or wrong way when it comes to journaling. After all, it’s for you! Find a quiet spot and let your soul guide you. Seeing your inner most thoughts churned out on to a page can be enlightening.

I understand journalling for beginners, can seem daunting with the first thing popping in your mind being:

“What do I write?”

It’s enough to put you off the task entirely!

And why I have created 33 journal prompts to get you started on this magical journey of self discovery.

Ready to discover more about thyself?

Discover Thyself Through 33 Journal Prompts

Below are 33 journal prompts to get you moving along on your path to self discovery. Read each one slowly and begin with the one that speaks directly to your heart.

  1. Write down your best day? Describe it in detail.
  2. Write down your biggest insecurity. Also, include what your life would look like if you were able to rid yourself of it.
  3. When was the last time you sat down and took time to really notice your thoughts and the way you feel?
  4. Ask yourself this: Are you patient with yourself when it comes to achieving your goals? 
  5. Write down the thing(s) your inner critic says to you?
  6. Write down the moments your inner critics voice is the loudest?
  7. Write to your critic expressing just how wrong it is.
  8. Describe what you look like using only kind and loving words. 
  9. Add a fun thing to your “must-do” list.
  10. Write down three (3) distractions keeping you from accomplishing your dreams. How can you minimise you exposure to them?
  11. Write down the last time you took a risk and felt proud of yourself.
  12. What beliefs do you have that prevent you from going after living your dream?
  13. Write down something you feel too scared to voice? 
  14. What are your motivating values in life? Where do you get a sense of purpose? (If you’re stuck, start with what principles you believe in). 
  15. Write down one dream you have that you have never shared with anyone.
  16. Write down one change you can make that will ease your stress and worry.
  17. Write down how you are feeling emotionally, physically, and spiritually at this moment?
  18. Write down three (3) things you are grateful for today.
  19. Write down one good thing that happened today.
  20. Write down your ultimate bucket list? How can you start ticking them off? 
  21. What is one problem keeping you up at night? Write down (step-by-step) the ways you can resolve it.
  22. Write down one habit you could start today that will bring you closer to living your dream life. (Choose from 79 habits here)
  23. What dream have you suppressed in order to make other people happy?
  24. Who are you when no one is watching? What activity do you enjoy doing when no one is around?
  25. If you could change one thing in your life… what would it be?
  26. Write down any ways you are living your life in accordance of others expectations of you
  27. Write down how the darkest moment in your life shaped where and who you are today?
  28. If there was no such thing as failure… what would you do? (Write it down)
  29. Write down your five (5) best qualities
  30. Describe happiness for you? What are you doing, Where do you live?
  31. Write down how a close friend would describe you?
  32. What advice would you give to your younger self? Write a letter
  33. Write down three goals you would like to complete in the next 3 months

Journalling: Self Discovery, Problem Solving and A Tracker in Becoming The Best!

When faced with a problem, it’s easy to forget all the amazing qualities we possess in order to solve it.

Just as it is, to lose sight of all the heartbreaking obstacles we managed to overcome in life. Obstacles that have lead us to who and where we are today.

Journalling for self discovery is an awesome way of tracking your progress on goals, gaining self awareness and a catalyst to becoming the best version of yourself.

Challenge Accepted?

Read your journal back and discover your inner most thoughts

As if self discovery isn’t exciting enough, I challenge you to a 30 day journal exercise.

Once the challenge is over, read your journal back and prepare to become astonished with the incredible insights you discover about yourself.

The journey into self discovery can be started any time.

But with it being a new year…

now might be the best time to get started 😉

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