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15 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Malta

What’s not to love about Malta? Breath taking views, awe-inspiring cliffs, incredible architecture, and bedazzling sea water that stretches for miles and miles. I could go on, but it is said:

A photo tells a thousand words.

So, I am keeping schtum(ish) and sharing stunning photos with you instead.

These 15 photos will make you fall in love with Malta. 💙

1. Comino’s Gorgeous Blue Lagoon

It’s probably harder not to fall in love with Maltas’ smallest sister island. Comino (Or Kemnuma in Maltese) is home to the breathtaking natural attraction Blue Lagoon. The remote island is only 3.5 sq km, virtually car-free and has only three residents.

2. Calm & Tranquil Xlendi Bay

Seaside village, Xlendi, Gozo Island . If tranquility, impressive cliffs and an old fishermans village is your thing… then this photo will make you fall in love with Malta, or rather Gozo. Xlendi’s promenade is lined with bars, and restaurants and the most incredible jade green waters. What’s more, this is a lovely quiet spot to sit and relax with a cocktail (or two) and enjoy natures’ very own show.

“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.

Sally Mann

3. Mosta, Malta’s Magical Gem

Gnien Gharusa tal Mosta or Girlfriends’ Garden in Mosta, Malta . Given there isn’t much open spaces is Mosta this is an absolute gem. Gnien Gharusa Tal Mosta underwent major regeneration in recent years. Transforming it a magical spot to just sit back and fall in love with the rolling hills of the Maltese countryside.

4. Rocky Malta’s Secret Beach

Malta’s Beach. Il-Qarraba, Mgarr, – a secluded spot in Malta accessible by boat and is known by locals as Il-balata which means “rock” I spotted this beach, whilst hiking in nearby Golden Sands and instantly fell in love.

5. Malta’s Famous Blue Door

Malta’s doors in general, will enchant you and make you fall in love. Gorgeous as they are, Malta doors have managed to establish a niche, garnering a huge following on social media from people all over the world. But, this is the most instagram famous blue door in Malta. What makes this door more special is it’s location… you’ll find the door in Mdina, The Silent City.

6. Malta’s Almighty Miracle

Rotunda, Mosta Malta
Rotunda Mosta, Malta’s ‘miracle’ church has the 3rd largest unsupported dome in the world. The architecture and back story of how this church came to be Mostas miracle church , will make you fall in love:
On 9th April 1942, a 500lb bomb fell through the dome and landed on the floor where a 300 strong congregation were awaiting mass. Some people ran, whilst others stayed and prayed. Miraculously… the bomb didn’t go off.

7. Malta’s Classic Bay

“Jekk f ‘Malta hawn veduta ferm sabiha,
Bla dubju hija l-bajja tal-Mellieħa” which translates to:
“if there’s one beautiful view in Malta, it must be the Bay of Mellieha.”
Lyrics from a classic Maltese song written by Sammy Bartolo (Bajja tal Mellieha) Imagine penning a song about a place. Now, that’s love!

8. Malta’s Honey Coloured Oasis

St Peter’s Pool located in the south of Malta, feels almost otherworldly. Surrounded by sun bleached cliffs, the contrast of the honey coloured stones highlight the varying shades of blue that await you below. At the height of summer, brave adventure enthusiasts dive into the sparkling waters. Love is always worth the risk right?

9. Malta’s Very Own Blue Grotto

How beautiful is this view?  Blue Grotto (Malta) Yes, it shares the same name as one in Capri Italy. But why not if it just as beautiful?  A British soldier shared that very sentiment and voila all hail The Blue Grotto. This is an absolute must see no matter the time of the day ,but the hypnotic hues shine ever brighter on clear sunnier days .

10. Malta’s Jaw Dropping Sunsets

Sunsets are a glorious way to mark the end of a day and Riviera is one of the best spots on the Maltese Islands to watch the golden sun disappear beyond the horizon. Other gorgeous spots include: Dingli Cliffs, St Agatha’s Tower (The Red Tower) Top of the World, Fontanella (Mdina, Silent City)

11. Coral Spotting in Mellieha’s Lagoon

Coral Lagoon, Mellieha, Malta
Malta’s crystal clear waters will make you fall in love! Did you know seawater is colourless? Algae, minerals and ultraviolets in our eyes all take set to create a wondrous masterpiece. Isn’t nature amazing?

12. Fall in Love With Maltese Market Culture

Meandering through Independenza Square Market, Victoria, Gozo.
Markets in Malta (and Gozo) always excite the senses, with their vivid colours and fragrant smells. Get a flavour of the Gozitan culture and try goats cheese or grab a pastizzi . If all fails to make you fall in love… a pastizzi won’t!

13. Fortified 400 Year Old City

Valletta, Malta 
0.55 sq. km fortified Capital City Valletta was named after its founder..the French Grand Master Knight Jean Parisot de Valette. Charming city Valletta, is one of the oldest cities in Europe along with the smallest. But size clearly doesn’t matter and won’t stop you falling.

14. 3 Centuries Old Medieval Cities

The Three Cities, Malta
The 3 Cities of Love! Get from one centuries old fortified city to three! Did you know you can travel from Three Cities to Valletta via a traditional wooden dgħajsa. A one-way dreamy ride costs €2 per person, and for €8 you can also go on a short harbour cruise.

15. Fall in Love with Award Winning Zabbar!

Zabbar, Malta
Umbrella Street, Zabbar
Zabbar was recently crowned winners for being home to the best street in Malta. But, I think this is the photo that will make you fall in love with Zabbar. Decorated with over 1000 different coloured umbrellas, Triq il-Kbira is without question the coolest street in Malta. 😛

Bonus Photo. Oh Dear SweetHaven, it’s Popeye Village!

Popeye Village, Malta
I couldn’t leave out one of Maltas best and well-known gems. Popeye Village is one of Maltas main tourist attractions. The coloured ramshackle houses are the remnants of the 1980 filmset of Popeye.

Sitting in Anchor Bay, against the backdrop of Mellieha’s magnificent cliffs. Popeye Village basks in Malta’s natural beauty. So, thinking about it, I think this is the one.
The photo that will make you fall in love with Malta.

Am I right?

Postcard from Malta

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