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How To Have The Best Day In Gozo (During Winter)

Gozo, is synonymous with spectacular reddish-orange beaches, hidden lagoons, the best diving spots in Europe and near-perfect snorkelling waters.

And yet…

have you ever wondered what there is to do in Gozo during winter?

(And no. I don’t mean make-the-best-of-a-bad-situation things to do either).

(Beaches aside), Gozo’s mere 67 km² belies the staggering amount of things to do, many of which are best enjoyed during the winter months.

Whether it’s the medieval streets, prehistoric temples, unspoilt beauty, winter sunshine, intricate architecture or the hybrid of cultures that tell stories going back thousands of years…

this jewel promises a memorable day.

So…read on and discover how to have the best day in Gozo during winter. (It’s actually easier than you might think)

 A Must-See: Gozo’s Amazing Heart And Soul 

Gharb, Gozo: Ta’Pinu’s miracle church… it’s the backstory for me.

Ta’ Pinu Church is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Gozo. Dating back to the 19th century this beautiful church is also known as the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu. 

Though the interiors with it’s Celtic like decorations and limestone walls are impressive… its the backstory for me. 

Taking place in 1888. local woman Karmni Grima encountered a divine spiritual experience. After which, several miracles were attributed to Ta ‘Pinu. Said to be the heart and soul of Gozitans, you don’t need to be a believer to enjoy an experience here. But it’s moving to see the prayers of the world pinned to the walls. 

Find Gozo’s Best Hidden Gems During Winter

View of Ramla Bay, Gozo from Tal Mixta Cave
Views of Ramla Bay, Gozo.

One of the best things to do in Gozo is to explore and it doesn’t get any better than hiking. During the winter months, Gozo is blanketed in a luxurious tufted green, more becoming of a second spring.

And the ideal mild winter temperatures make it perfect for a day getting lost in the picturesque countryside. Whether you prefer coastal walks or taking in the stunning scenery, you’ll find Gozo has a variety of trails that are suitable for all.

You can head to popular hiking spots like Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs, Ramla Bay (don’t forget to swing by Tal Mixta Cave) or Salt Pans in Xwejni to see sea salt harvesting. A hidden gem in Gozo is the hike up Sanap Cliffs and is not to be missed. From here, you can also stop and photograph incredible ocean views that lead to Comino.

The Best Things To Do in Gozo’s Capital 

Citadella, Victoria Gozo
Gozo Cittadella

Visit the spectacular Cittadella, an old fortified city located in Victoria, the heart of Gozo. Walk around and learn all about the medieval history of Gozo. From the hilltop, you can drink in  mesmerising views of the entire island.

As you are here, you can also check out the many museums all in nearby walking distance!

Museum of Archaeology which houses some “fat ladies” ornaments found at Ggantija Temples. Also, visit Gozo Cathedral where a temple once stood dedicated to Goddess Juno. The former Prison of Gozo and Folklore Museum are both also worth a visit. 

Enjoy A taste of Gozo’s Vibrant Traditional Life

Performer at Carnival Nadur
Gozo Carnival: one of the oldest and most vibrant cultural festivals in the Maltese archipelago calendar.

“Normally”, winter signals a time for celebrations in Gozo and begins with the carnival held in the village of Nadur. This is one of the oldest and most vibrant cultural festivals held on the Maltese archipelago. And the Maltese (and Gozitans) know just how to party! Traditionally, Nadur carnival occurs but once a year and is celebrated to mark the run-up to Lent.

I was lucky enough to attend last year, and “FUN” feels a flimsy, wishy-washy description unbefitting of Nadur Carnival. Put it like this: if like me, you enjoy lively street parties with real meaning behind it… you’ll L O V E carnival in Nadur. Expect plenty of dancing, music and the most imaginative of costumes. 

Watch Gozo’s Monumental Views At Xlendi Tower

Xlendi, Gozo: Xlendi Bay WatchTower

I love how the many Gozo historical monuments can whisk you back in time in an instant. To see another you can head to the Xlendi Tower in Xlendi Bay. You will have to do a little bit of hiking to get here, but totally worth it for the views offered!.Built during the 1650s, Xlendi Tower is the oldest free-standing watchtower in Gozo.

Like all watchtowers dotted throughout the islands, this one was built to keep nefarious characters such as pirates and smugglers out! Maybe a coincidence or further proof that history repeats itself but, interestingly the watchtower was also used to keep pandemic evaders out too!  

Gozo’s Best Kept Secrets Are Gigantic! 

Ġgantija Temples
Ġgantija Temples were once believed to have been built by giants!

Attractions during the winter months are much quieter and more intimate now so great to take in some culture and more history.  Ġgantija Temples (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is another must-see in Gozo. So, why not visit the structures once thought to have been built by a giant race?  

Though the Ġgantija Temples doesn’t garner the same worldwide attention, they are believed to be older than the Giza Pyramids of Egypt. Making these impressive Megalithic structures, one of Gozo’s best kept secrets. Even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll absolutely find a visit here fascinating.

Fun fact:

The gigantic structures you will see here is what gave the temple complex its name. The name derives from the Maltese word “giant” which is: “ġgant”. 

Seek Out A Unique Awe-Inspiring Experience in Gozo 

Luzzu Boat, in front of Dwejra Inland Sea, Gozo, Malta
Dwejra Inland Sea: Why not enjoy a boat ride on a traditional luzzu?

Winter in Gozo can invite dangerous undercurrents, making swimming hazardous. So a trip diving in Dwejra, nearby Blue Hole or exploring the remnants of the befallen Azure window may be off the cards… for now.

For a unique experience, why not enjoy a boat ride on a traditional luzzu? It costs 4.00EUR per person taking you from the Inland Sea and out to the open Mediterranean waters.

Though the Azure Window is no longer there, the area itself feels fantastically otherworldly. As you pass the awe-inspiring caves, notice the colour of the crystalline water too. To think a “geological fault” created this spot is insane. Sunsets from Dwejra are unmissable, so why not end the best day in Gozo on a high?   

Have The Best Day in Gozo!

Winters in Gozo are extremely short so you haven’t got long! I hope you have the best day in Gozo, if you come across anything else you think is worth adding, please share in the comments.

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Hey hey, thanks for sharing your experience about Gozo 🙂 I really want to visit Malta and stop in Gozo 🙂 did you know that in Portuguese language Gozo means ‘to enjoy; to take the best of something; to have fun’, so because of it I always associate something cool about Gozo eheh all the best, cheers from Lisbon 🙂 PedroL

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