Exploring London: A Photo Blog

Image of Tower Bridge, London, UK
Side view of black women sitting below Tower Bridge in London, UK

London, UK.

Home to over 3000 parks, 300 languages, the largest festival in Europe, 100’s of museums, three of which are the best in the whole world and…

my birthplace. 

After almost two years, this summer I made it back.

Sounds like the opening to a perilous expedition when put like that. So, If you’re reading this… looks like I made it.

Joking aside, the only perilous thing about the journey was navigating the reams of paperwork and the eye-watching costs of the government-backed PCR tests.

Once upon a time this probably wouldn’t have ended up as a blog post. But, for the season we find ourselves in….

returning “home” felt like such a joyous occasion and well deserving of its space here.

Oh and of course the 1000s of pictures taken, revisiting old haunts and playing tourist.

So before I start wittering…. (it is a photoblog after all)

let’s get to exploring London.

View from aeroplane window hovering about a cloudy England, UK
Image of empty tube platform at St Pauls Tube Station, London, UK
Image of  black woman at empty tube platform at Holborn Tube Station, London, UK
Image of Westminster Abbey, London, UK
Image of Westminster Abbey, London, UK
Image of front entrance of Westminster Abbey, London, UK
View of London Street with views of London Eye and Westminster Abbey
View of platform of Charring Cross Tube Station, London UK
Mind The Gap.

Exploring London + Playing Tourist.

Living abroad has taught me the joy of being a slow traveller and perhaps the reason why I enjoyed exploring everything London so much more. 

Would you believe, I even found myself marvelling at the efficiency of the London Underground system?  

Malta is bursting at the seams with culture and history and playing tourist there, has shown me to do the same in my home city including…. learning more about the history (either that or I am just getting old!) 

To get the most of your day, I’m definitely a champion of heading out early! 

Walking is my preferred mode of transport. So, heading up to Waterloo by tube and then exploring all the major attractions such as the London Eye, Westminster Abbey on foot (and everything in between) was super fun. 


exploring on foot makes it much easier to admire the architecture, swoon at that iconic skyline and find a nice spot to eat lunch. 

And if you ever wondered how to get 1000’s of pics… this is it 🙂  

Black woman smiling against the backdrop of street art in South London, UK
Black woman smiling against the backdrop of street art in South London, UK

Street Art

One thing I love (and miss) about London is the colourful display of self expression, which can be enjoyed through street art. 

London is a spectacular emblem of multiculturalism, and for me this thought-provoking and bold art-form, feels most representative of a creative display: for the people, by the people. 

Though it could be argued Camden Town, East London has the best street art scene;  following the pandemic and social injustices…

you’ll find art on many street corners of London. Anywhere from Tottenham to Brixton. 

And though I am a Totty girl…

this didn’t stop me admiring (and having fun) this one near Surrey Quays.

London Life

From rooftop bars, pop up bars and restaurants to festivals,  museums, palaces and Bridgerton-looking gardens London is packed with a million-and-one interesting things to do. 

When the weather is nice, one thing I have always enjoyed doing is chilling in any of the 3000 parks in London (though Victoria Park, and Richmond Park are just a couple of my favourites)  . 

Did you know that despite being a metropolis city, London has so much green space that it is technically a forest by definition? 

Then there’s the River Thames (that is so long it runs for over 200 miles) A fun and interesting thing you can try is a self-hire boat tour along the River Thames with @GoBoatKingston⁣.

The boat holds up to 8 people and costs £199 for 4 hours. (Alternative times/price available). ⁣

You can sail from Kingston to Hampton Palace and/or Kingston to Teddington Lock. 

⁣⁣Disclaimer:  you won’t get far on their self-hire boats. Think more in terms of a mad-hatter-tea-party than James Bond speedboat. That said, this is 1000% recommended for a nice way to see some lovely things along the River banks.

Final Thoughts on London

Vivacious, dazzling with street corners bursting with fascinating stories. London is a beautiful, multi-faceted city, there is no doubt about that.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, That I love London so; Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, That I think of her wherever I go

What I loved most about being back: the vibrance, third country kid-like culture and that familiarity that clings to you like a warm fluffy jumper.

No matter how many days, months or even years since your last visit, you somehow slot right back in. Friends. Family and even the frenetic beat. 

London is deeply ingrained within me… it will always be home.

10s of London Life

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