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Happy New Year. But Let’s Resolve to Setting Goals Instead!

Happy New Year. But Let’s Resolve to Setting Goals Instead!

Happy New Year!

Has it really been three months since my last post? I’ve missed posting on here and have much to say. Right now, in my excited state I’m trying to sort through my jumbled thoughts.

See, if I believed in new year’s resolutions, then posting more frequently would be one of them.

Once upon a time, I was someone that set resolutions. But, when you think about the number of experiences and change, we undergo; from personal growth, life lessons to learning this or changing your minds about that… it’s a pretty big ask.

Even, for the most disciplined among us.

Resolutions are grandeur statements. Annnnd, if not thought through, can set you up to fail. At least this is what would happen to me, and I’d wind up feeling like a failure.

That being said, procrastination is not an option either. But rather than coming up with a year’s supply of “should haves” or “do or dies”… goals work waay better.

Going with specific goals forces you to become more intentional about what you want to achieve. By sitting with yourself, you quiet the chaos and work in self-compassion. It’s just you v’s you.

I’m also a great believer in becoming the narrator of your own life and love the idea of being the main character in your story. So, if you’re drawing blanks on the goal front, how about a theme or a word to get started?

My word for the month is: authenticity. Can you come up with one?

Btw, if you haven’t already guessed, my main goal this month is to show up on here more frequently.

So, I’ll be back again soon with another post.

But 2023 holds changes for Girl in Malta (another goal 😜). Remember what I said about experiences, life lessons, growth and changing your mind? Well, I’m included in all that too.

However, with it being the first post of 2023, lets ease in gently, shall we?

Dionne x

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  1. Where do I sign and can vote on you? These are thoughtful changes and they would make a huge difference on people’s wellbeing – and in all fronts. Are you considering going into politics officially? I support the idea! 😃