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Mothers Day: Free Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You Thing

Mothers Day: Free Gift Ideas That Won’t Cost You Thing

Mother’s Day is almost upon us (19th March in the UK!) I know, I know, mothers should be honoured every day. Still, isn’t it awesome that we get to dedicate a day to the most influential women in our lives? But celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t mean you must splurge on a crazy expensive gift. In fact, the best ones are: free (or super cheap), creative and well-thought-out. They are also likely to be more appreciated too! And before you ask. No, you don’t need to be a crafty-farty genius. You just need: your time and your talents, and that’s all.

Nowadays, time passes at the speed of light. Between, crazy inflation and jump-on-the bandwagon-prices, time is our most valuable gift.

Sure, “I saw  this and thought of you’s” gifts are great. But giving your queen your (quality) time and using your energy is waaay better. No really! Even a study concluded this. Creating memories with family does more for you and your well-being. Is it any wonder similar studies say materialism leads to depression?

So, on that note, here is a list of free gift (or nearly free) ideas to help make that incredible woman in your life feel extra special.

Give the Gift of a Good Night Sleep

(This gift idea is especially for all the sleep-deprived mums). If your mum is anything like mine, she’s probably a multi-tasking queen. Tending to the household, her job, friends and hobbies. Plus, whatever else arises, including finding time to fawn and fuss over you! So, whether that looks like doing all the household chores or handling your business and adulting,  let mum have a lie-in on Mother’s Day. It’s no less than what she deserves. 

Breakfast in bed (On Second thoughts… Make it Brunch) 

Instead of breakfast in bed, why not make it brunch? You can make this gift idea more special with pancakes, waffles, or your specialty dish infused with love. You can serve mimosas too. Cheers! (Remember to clean up after and do all the dishes too).

Pamper Your Mum 

You can create a DIY spa this Mother’s Day. Besides, it is much more personal and can last as long as you want. Fetch the candles, grab the hair mask, fish out the bath bombs and pamper your queen. You can go the extra hog, too, by making your own face masks. You can choose lots of different natural ingredients like honey, turmeric, mint and cucumbers, to name a few. To take this gift idea up a notch, package your masks and create your own personalised labelling/tags. Don’t forget to send an invitation fit for your queen. 

Gift Your Mum a Poem 

In a time where everything can be digitised or shop-bought, stand out with this free gift idea and write your mum a poem.Write about how much your mum means to you and it doesn’t matter if you’re not much of a poet or writer because you have personalised shared moments.Your mum knows you’re not Shakespeare or Hallmark for that matter! Put your own stamp on your piece and keep it 100% you. I mean by this: if you’re funny, write a funny poem that still conveys your message. If you’re creative, keep it creative, and if you have a dry sense of humour (you know where I’m going with this).

Make a Scrapbook 

How about creating a scrapbook even if you’re not crafty and arty? You can combine old and memorable photos and add meaningful moments to a scrapbook and gift it to your mum on Mother’s Day. 

Plan a Picnic 

You’ll want to check the forecast before planning this gift idea. But considering Mother’s Day is (more or less) during Spring, why not take her out for a picnic? Pack your favourite foods, a speaker, a book etc. Oh, and maybe something slightly bubbly.

Stay in & Have a Movie Day 

Question: When was the last time you stayed in your PJs all day and had a duvet AND movie Day – with your mum? Well, you could make it Mother’s Day. You can go all out with curating a movie list—all mums faves of course. Don’t forget to get popcorn (or your mum’s favourite snacks).

Make a Delicious Dinner

So you could eat out on Mother’s Day, but where’s the fun in that? Creating a homemade dinner from scratch with fresh ingredients is way more special. Plus, give your mum the perfect opportunity to take out her best dinner set. Play mum’s best tunes, put down your phone and make sure you are completely present—oh and one more thing. Don’t forget to clean up the dishes.

Go on a Hike with your Mum 

If your mum is active and adventurous, then make Mother’s Day hike day. Doing something physical (why hello, feel-good endorphins) and spending a day outdoors will be nice. Make sure you get some lovely snaps wherever you end up. You can frame this for another gift occasion 😉

Visit a Garden/Park 

For another outdoorsy idea to spend with your queen, how about taking a leisurely stroll (and enjoying a catch-up) around a garden/park? Bonus points, this gift idea is completely free to do. Plus being surrounded by such bold and vibrant colours is a mood booster. Some gardens give you the feeling of being transported to an exotic place. Check out the latest blooms and soak up some vitamin D. Especially now, with it being Spring. Did I mention that being close to mother nature is good for your mental health? You’ll come away feeling lighter with new memories created. Result.

Visit a Farmers Market

Got this mothers day free gift idea from my partner, who took me to a fragrant Farmers Market on my birthday. There were all kinda flowers there of many shades and names I had no idea of. But all equally beautiful. You could take your mum to one on Mother’s Day and let her choose the flowers, plants, or whatever she wants. 

Go to a Museum or Gallery 

Spend Mother’s Day playing tourist and strolling through galleries and visiting an exhibition or three. Most museums are free. What’s more, inspiring, super interesting and filled with a world of perspectives. So you’ll be able to spend quality time with your mum and learn something new. 

Go on a Bike Ride 

Get your blood pumping and spend Mother’s Day bike riding. Look up some cool biking trails, you could check out together. You could also team this with a picnic. (Though you might want to wait before raising the glass). 

Celebrate with Cakes

Cake for me evokes feelings of nostalgia, love and celebration. I still remember those Saturday mornings when mum and I made fairy cakes. The memory of watching spongy blobs of cake mix transform into delicious treats still makes me happy – that, along with licking the bowl! Baking a cake is a great way to treat your mum and make Mother’s Day extra special. You don’t have to be a Mary Berry or a Nigella Lawson. Time and thought is what counts. Do it! 

Creating Memories

You may be like me and enjoy documenting moments, whether this is in photographic form or videos. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to get them off your phone. You can either print the photos or create a memory book. Better still, you can create a video that you can watch together. 

Create a Playlist 

Similarly to creating scrapbooks and baking cakes, you can use music to create a gift this Mother’s Day. Music can empower, uplift and make me move…something I got from my mama! Make your mum a playlist with her best songs. Improve her mood or, better yet, make her move! 

Help your Mum Explore a Passion/Skill

My (much) younger self saw mum as simply that. A mum. Certainly not a fully-fledged woman with interests and dreams outside of motherhood! How about your mum? 

Is she interested or passionate about something? It could be something as simple as having green fingers or reading. You know, you can help your mum further this passion. Maybe be HER cheerleader and get her into a gardening or book reading club. (If that’s what she’s into) Bonus points if you enrol her on a (free) course. (Check out Coursera or the college in your local area) There’s also Udemy for cheap courses with certification. 

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