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Malta In Spring: Wanna Spring Into A New Season?

Malta In Spring: Wanna Spring Into A New Season?

Spring in Malta blows in a season of optimism and fun to the islands. The weather reaches a pleasant 23°C. Spring is a perfect time to get outside and uncover the inescapable raw beauty. Pockets on the isle erupt into floral explosions, whilst sunshine replaces the 19-hour grind of doom and gloom. Yep, (finally) the season of renewed energy and golden blooms is here. So, ditch the layers, soak up the rays and awaken because events are too in full bloom. I’m calling it now, but Spring in Malta is one of the best seasons. Besides all the things you can do in Malta in March and the traditional processions of Easter in Malta, many delicious and exciting things are coming up this Spring. In the meantime, I’ve rounded up the best activities for you to make the most of Malta in Spring.

What is Malta in Spring Actually Like?

You’ve probably already heard that Malta in Spring is a beautiful time. It’s all true too. Ah, the landscape is green and lush from the rainfall and lower temperatures during winter. Then there’s the crystal clear sea, sporting various shades of blue fringing those gorgeous greens sprawled out across the islands. Spring in Malta brings a sense of calm to the islands in the form of longer, brighter, shinier days (10 hours to be exact!), gentle breezes and barely-there waves.

Plus, Spring is the final hurrah before two million tourists batten down the borders. The good news? You can score a good deal on flights and accommodation. It’s also an opportune time for you to get outside, hike, have a picnic and enjoy exclusive cultural events. 

Weather in Spring (UV, Rainfall & Sunshine)

Let’s talk about the weather during Springtime shall we? Daytime temperatures vary from 18C in March and creep up to a decent 23°C in May. So if you’re wondering whether you can sunbathe during Spring! It’s a yes from me. Oh, but I must warn you though: the sun is extreme – UV levels rise to a 9 (very high). Sunscreen is, therefore, a must. The rainfall for March is 37mm, 20 mm in April and only 7mm in May. Whether or not you can swim in April or even May is entirely up to you. The sea temperature is 15°C and 18°C, respectively. So the real question becomes: Can you swim in the sea? Now is probably a good time to tell you that night-time temps dips down to 10°C March, 12°C in April and 15°C in May.

Spring in Malta: Outfit Ideas to Pack

What not to miss this Spring in Malta 

Now onto the good stuff! All you can do during Spring in Malta. You ready?

Festi Frawli 

You won’t want to miss the Festi Frawli, which translates to Strawberry Festival and is held in Mgarr. Festi Frawli is an annual festival which brings together local farmers, chefs, bakers, artisan stalls and more. Who knew there was so much you could do with strawberries? Head there on 16th April 2023 and sample everything strawberry from cakes to jams and even wines, with a big dollop of folklore music in between. FYI: Mgarr is a rural town in the north of the island and is Malta’s farming region. Sidenote: Mgarr is renowned for its high concentration of authentic Maltese restaurants.

Maltese International Fireworks Festival

Spring in Malta welcomes a wave of festivals to the islands, like St Joseph Feast and the Festi Frawli. But another colourful and spectacular festival you will want to attend is the Maltese International Fireworks Festival. Wait, have I told you that the Maltese are heavily into their fireworks? They are a prominent feature at many celebrations held all over the islands, so it is common hearing them popping off day and night. But the Maltese International Fireworks Festival is the most explosive. For 7 days straight, get ready for a colourful and fiery display. Malta’s International Fireworks Festival can be enjoyed from Nadur, Mellieħa, San Pawl il Baħar, Naxxar, Manoel Island, Floriana and the Grand Harbour in Valletta from 24th April 2023 to 1st May 2023.


Ghadira Bay, Mellieha, Malta

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been patiently waiting for those magical words: “Come on in the water’s just fine”, since January. Now, we’re entering Spring. It’s coming. Whether or not you’re brave enough to swim in the sea during Spring, visiting one of Malta’s beaches is a must. Finally, those dark days before and after work days are behind us. Spring in Malta gets 10 hours of solid sunshine, so you can sunbathe, grab an awesome read, dip a toe in or pick a spot and people-watch. Best of all, you can still get choosy with your beach and sunbathe on one you’re likely to have to yourself. You know with it being low season and all. If you’re on the lookout for a dreamy island. One where you can potentially swim, 100% sunbathe and hike…then a day trip to Comino comes highly recommended.

Exploring Marsaxlokk 

With bright colours splashed all over this town and a fragrant outdoor market to get to, Marsaxlokk is practically begging for a visit. Spring in Malta is all about experiencing abundance and joy after winter, after all. Marsaxlokk delivers and then some. You can stroll through Marsaxlokk’s famed Sunday Market. Grab some treats and watch all the goings on between hagglers and fishermen. Or skip that altogether and just chill with lunch at the many restaurants serving mouth-watering plates. If you don’t fancy chilling, choose between St Peters Pool, visiting a farmer’s market or trails that take you through breath-taking scenery. Marsaxlokk’s beauty will awaken you even from any dreary slumber. This is why spending warm spring days in Marsaxlokk exploring comes highly recommended.

Visiting Rooftops Bars 

If there’s something Malta always gets right, it’s sunshine. With temperatures hitting 23°C, Spring in Malta – is perfect for dining alfresco or soaking up the views. Or both. To pair sipping cocktails with the hottest views from sun-soaked venues, I’ve rounded up the best rooftop bars in Malta to visit right now! Whether you opt for the skylights of the city or that of Mdina, there’s a rooftop bar up high and ready to woo you. This Spring, isn’t it time you found a new rooftop spot? It’s hands down time to make new memories and get some snapshots. Prepare to toast new adventures and celebrate awakening from your wintery slumber.

Have a Picnic

Everyone got the memo about Dingli. But what about Buskett Gardens? FYI: The national treasure which forms the hunting grounds of Verdala Palace. Buskett Gardens’ lush woodlands extend from Rabat and Siggiewi and have a cute little spring. Spring in Malta marks the season for enjoying the outdoors. The mild weather is giving nothing but good vibes and a picture-perfect picnic. So, what better way to see in Spring than with a bit of alfresco eating? Be sure to grab your treats and set up a picnic basket for lunch. Just think, you’ll be amongst wildflowers, orangeries and delicate lemon trees very soon.

Malta Spring Festival

Say hello to Malta’s contemporary and cultural arts scene this Spring. By now, I’m sure it’s clear Malta doesn’t shy away from its cultural events. Or putting on a great show. So, if you’re looking for another festival, one big on classical music performance and dance, then get yourself over to the Malta Spring Festival. This annual event kicks off from 11th April to 15th April and takes place in various venues around the island. Click here for deets and ticket info.

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