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When is the Best Time to Visit Malta? (HelpFul Month-By-Month Tips)

When is the Best Time to Visit Malta?  (HelpFul Month-By-Month Tips)

Planning a trip to Malta and wondering, “when is the best time to visit Malta?” The short answer to that is: April to June and September to mid-November when the weather is fine, you can beat the crowds and snap up a bargain deal. But, ultimately, the answer depends on when is the “best” time for you and where I come in! This guide has you covered with month-by-month tips to help you plan your escape. Whether you’re a history buff, a beach lover, or a culture connoisseur… get ready to discover the Perfect Time to Jet Off to Malta

🖊What’s in this Guide?

  1. 🌴 When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Malta?
  2. 🌊Autumn? Malta didn’t get THAT memo
  3. 🎄 Christmas in Malta: The Best Time to Visit for Festive Magic
  4. 🌸 Spring is Best to Beat the Crowds
  5. ☀️ Sunseekers, Summer in Malta is a Vibe
  6. 📅 Handy Summary: The Best Time to Visit Malta
  7. 🌦Rain or Shine: Choose the Perfect Time to Visit

🌴 When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Malta?

If by asking when is the best time to visit, you actually mean when is the cheapest time to visit Malta? then mark your calendars for January to March. Sure, it’s the coldest and rainiest time of the year, but trust me, it’s nothing compared to what its European neighbours experience, and besides, you’ll be saving some money after all!

Day temperatures are usually around 17°C, making it the perfect time to visit if you’re into walking, exploring the islands, or looking for an affordable city break. In the winter, Malta gets about 5-6 hours of sunshine on average, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the winter sunshine by relaxing on the beach or hiking the numerous walking trails available. (Check out this link for some awesome hiking trails in Malta).

Plus, with the island being oh-so-quiet, you can snag amazing deals on flights and accommodations. It’s a win-win! 🌦️

The not-so-good news is: with the sea temperatures being a 🥶 15°C, a dreamy beach trip is quite unlikely. But chin up, enjoy day trips to Comino or Gozo. Better still, you can spend a good chunk of your time visiting all the must-see museums. There are over 300 cultural monuments in Valletta alone. So, more than enough to see you through a few winters!

🌊Autumn? Malta didn’t get THAT memo

Now, let’s talk about the seasons. October to December, aka autumn. Well, in most places, yep, yet somehow Malta didn’t quite get that memo! Malta during Autumn is still a hot and sunny affair. At its peak, daytime temperatures still reach a balmy 25°C. While sea temperatures are bath-like at around 25°C. So you’re still free to take a dip in the marbled blue-green waters. Plus, if you can hold fire on jetting away during the summertime, there’ll be fewer tourists around. Autumn is the best time to visit Malta if you enjoy an exclusive VIP-like experience without kids (they’ll be back at school) and bustling crowds. So, you can enjoy plenty of things to do, pretty much undistracted. Unlike summer though, the autumnal evenings can feel a little fresh, so make sure you pack a cardy or light jacket.

🎄 Christmas in Malta: the Best Time to Visit for Festive Magic

Why should you choose Christmas as the best time to visit Malta? Allow me to unwrap the reasons for you! Not only will you be captivated by the island’s enchanting Christmas spirit, but you’ll also enjoy mild day temperatures of 18°C which btw is perfect for exploring the velvety green landscapes and historic streets. As night falls, the temperature drops to a cool and breezy 14°C, creating the ideal cozy atmosphere.

Think: mulled wine and plenty of Christmas cheer! Which is just as well given the sea temperature (which is around 18°C), so a dip could result in you freezing your tinsel off! Don’t worry though, Malta has bags of festive charm that will warm your heart. From intricate crib displays to joyful Christmas fairs, Malta truly embraces the holiday season. Indulge in traditional treats and discover the island’s unique customs during the most magical time of year. If you want to squeeze in that final trip, celebrate with a bang, enjoy a city break and one that won’t make you cry come the New Year… don’t miss your chance to experience Christmas in Malta—’tis the season that will gift you with unforgettable memories!✨

🌸 Spring is Best to Beat the Crowds

After a budget-friendly and quiet(ish) adventure-packed trip to Malta? Spring is the answer! With the summer crowds still months away, you can score fantastic deals while enjoying the great outdoors.

The weather is just right, with daytime temperatures ranging from a mild 18°C in March to a delightful 23°C in May
Meaning, you can catch some rays and work on your tan during this time! Just don’t forget your sunscreen, as the sun’s UV levels rise to a 9 (very high). And here’s the best part: rainfall is minimal, with just 20mm in April and a mere 7mm in May.

Let’s talk sea now. With temperatures ranging from 15°C in April to 18°C in May, taking a dip is up to you. If you’re up for the challenge, go ahead. Make a splash! But never mind if swimming now isn’t for you, because Spring in Malta offers so much more. From charming towns to picturesque countryside, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world beyond the stunning turquoise waters.

Malta springs alive with cultural and traditional festivals. Oh and if you’re around during Easter Weekend, make sure you catch one of the vibrant Easter Processions. I could go on and on about things to do during Spring in Malta, but instead I’ll leave you with this: if you’re looking to experience an authentic taste of Malta without the hum of the crowds, spring is the best time to visit.

Pack ya bags and get ready to fill your days with adventure, culture, and natural beauty ’cause Malta is 📞

☀️ Sunseekers, Summer in Malta is a Vibe

📣Calling all sun worshippers and beach bums! If you’re all about that sun-soaked, sand-between-your-toes, cocktail-in-hand life, then summer is the best time to visit Malta. The island cranks up the heat from June to September with scorching temperatures, crystal-clear waters, and an electric atmosphere buzzing with endless activities and events. Get ready to soak up the sun and dive into an ocean of fun! June to September is your chance to experience Malta’s endless summer.

Lets talk weather now, shall we? The temperatures soar to an average of 30°C to 35°C and sea temperatures ranging from 23°C to 27°C. Basically, this means you’ll be living the Mediterranean dream. As night falls, the temperature cools down slightly, ranging from 20°C to 23°C.  As if the gorgeous weather isn’t enough, there are tons of things you can do to fill your time.
Watersports? Yep.
Boat trips? Aha.
Rooftop bars? Absolutely.
Festivals? Got them too!
Seriously, summer is where the island comes to life and there’s no shortage of sunshine and fun.

📈Just brace yourself for the peak travel season prices and the crowds that come with it. But hey, the extra buzz can still ramp up the excitement 🏖️

Discover whe is the best time to visit Malta

📅 Handy Summary: The Best Time to Visit Malta

January to March

Best Time to Visit for: Affordable prices and a chance to dive into Malta’s captivating history.

– January Weather:
(Daytime: 17°C, Nighttime: 10°C, Sea: 16°C)

– February Weather: (Daytime: 17°C, Nighttime: 10°C, Sea: 15°C)

– March Weather: (Daytime: 18°C, Nighttime: 11°C, Sea: 15°C)

April to June

Best time to visit Malta for: fantastic deals, cultural festivals and to beat the crowds.

– April Weather: (Daytime: 18°C to 23°C, Nighttime: 14°C to 18°C, Sea: 15°C to 18°C)

– May Weather: (Daytime: 19°C to 24°C, Nighttime: 15°C to 19°C, Sea: 17°C to 19°C)

– June Weather: (Daytime: 25°C to 30°C, Nighttime: 20°C to 23°C, Sea: 21°C to 23°C)

July to September

Best time to visit Malta for: an “endless summer”, scorching temperatures, and vibrant activities.

– July Weather (Daytime: 30°C to 35°C, Nighttime: 23°C to 25°C, Sea: 24°C to 26°C)

– August Weather: (Daytime: 31°C to 36°C, Nighttime: 23°C to 26°C, Sea: 25°C to 27°C)

– September Weather: (Daytime: 28°C to 33°C, Nighttime: 21°C to 24°C, Sea: 24°C to 26°C)

October to December

Best time to visit Malta for: hot and sunny autumn with an quiet exclusive VIP vibe.

– October Weather: (Daytime: 25°C, Nighttime: 18°C, Sea: 25°C)

– November Weather: (Daytime: 21°C, Nighttime: 14°C, Sea: 21°C)

– December Weather: (Daytime: 18°C, Nighttime: 14°C, Sea: 18°C)

Christmas in Malta: the best time to visit for festive cheer

Christmas in Malta

Best time to visit Malta for: mild festive magic.

– December Weather: (Daytime: 18°C, Nighttime: 14°C, Sea: 18°C) ☀️🎅

🌦Rain or Shine: Choose the Perfect Time to Visit Malta!

Don’t worry about rain spoiling your adventure! Here’s the average monthly rainfall in Malta:

• January: 91mm
• February: 68mm
• March: 49mm
• April: 20mm
• May: 7mm
• June: 2mm
• July: 0mm
• August: 4mm
• September: 24mm
• October: 64mm
• November: 83mm
• December: 105mm

📌Create Beautiful Memories in Malta!

And there you have it. All of Malta’s beautiful seasons. Whether your go-to in deciding the best time to visit Malta is to explore historical sites, flop out on stunning beaches, or mingle away at cultural festivals, Malta promises an adventure like no other. So, mark your calendar, pack your bags, and plan your escape to this Mediterranean paradise!

Check out the best things to do in Malta for some extra tips on things to do.

Oh, and if you have any questions or need more tips? Drop them in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to help you plan your perfect trip ✈️

Rotunda, Mosta
Spring in Malta is the best time to visit Malta for weather that is just right and to snag an amazing travel deal

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