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Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit

Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit

So, I haven’t been posting on socials for ages. I got frustrated with the 16:8, the 16:2 formatting (or whatever it was!). Maybe it was just me.🤷‍♀️ But, I found the process a little time-consuming. With that being said, I really miss sharing the beauty of Malta– in pictures. Then I had a lightbulb moment); why not continue to inspire your next visit to Malta? From my blog. In a regular series. 💡 

And here we are. This is where I whisk you on an Insta-like-visual journey through the stunning Maltese islands, showing you all the best things to see and do, from breathtaking landscapes to hidden gems, with a smidgen of quirky everyday moments – all through the scope of my lens. (Until, of course, you get here!)

Starting from this week: Follow me to a rooftop bar, discover a 3-for-1 beach in Mellieha, delve into the battleground of a bloody and drawn-out siege, explore where locals like to stay-cay, top restaurant recommendation if you’re out in Xlendi and more! 📸

1. 🌈Welcome to Marsaxlokk

The part of the island that is swimming in a riot of colours and teeming with a traditional vibe! Marsaxlokk village is instantly recognisable, and if you’re in any doubt, just head for the swathes of blues, greens and yellows of the fishing boats, AKA Luzzu.
A visit here for a slice of authentic Maltese life comes highly recommended.👌🏾
You’ll find stunning beaches nearby, including the famed St Peters Pool, mouthwatering restaurants and a fragrant outdoor market. And, of course, it must be seen. Mind you, these are only a few ideas. You know, to get you started. But, if you’re after more, look
through this post here for things to see and do in Marsaxlokk.
Oh, and by the way, if you’re staring at the letters wondering how to say it: it’s pronounced “marsa-shlock”

2. 🧭Head North for 3-in-1 Beach!

 Ghajn Tuffieha Bay (Adam’s Eye in Maltese) is located in the Northern Quarter of the island, over in Mellieha, where you’ll find the most sandy beaches. It is an ideal choice for beach lovers and thalassophiles🌊 Yep, that includes nature lovers too. In fact, given that you can enjoy a spot of birdwatching and rock climbing in the nearby countryside, this is your jam if you love the outdoors. Sunset lovers too. Plus, when visiting  Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, you get 3 beaches rolled into 1 because it’s sandwiched between two other stunning beaches! On one side, you’ll have Golden Bay, which, by the way, is the second-largest beach after Ghadira Bay! 
And, on the other side of that beach is the gorgeous Ġnejna Bay. To be fair, you can’t go wrong with any of the 3. All are perfect for hiking and offer stunning views of the surrounding scenery. Oh, and you’re invited to all 3. Whether to take a dip or flop out! ⛱

3. 🔥Ramla Bay has “Je ne sais quoi”

So fun fact: There are over 50 beaches in Malta, from sandy ones to rocky ones and dog-friendly ones to those fringed by sprawling countryside. Each is beautiful in its own right.
But then some have a little something extra. Or what, the French call: “Je ne sais quoi” In this case,that would be Ramla Bay, the reddish-hued beach that has made its way to the Top 10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Red Beaches. Make sure you add Ramla Bay to your “gotta go see” list. Because, like, how often do you see a red beach? 🤷🏾‍♀️

4. 🏝Gozo: Different But the Same

Often when people see siblings, they look for similarities. There’s an unconscious misconception (and expectation) they’re somehow alike. Believe me, I know, And the same could be said of sister Island Gozo. You see, it’s different but the same. Gozo has its own identity and one which is just as beautiful. And of course the pace of life is way slower than in Malta. So, when you’re done meandering the Independenza Market in Victoria. Or exploring Citadel…head for the main square and take a seat… There’s no need to rush. Gozo is best enjoyed in sips…🥂

5. 🚣‍♂️Malta’s Enigmatic Luzzu Boats

Is there anything more quintessentially Malta than these fishing boats? ⁣
⁣Luzzu, (the name of these Malta’s iconic boat), was a legacy inherited from ancient Phoenician times. As pretty as they are, they also carry a more profound meaning wrapped up in tradition and superstition. ⁣
You may have noticed each luzzu has a set of eyes that sometimes seem like they’re staring into your soul👀
Well, they’re actually a symbol of protection and good health.✨⁣
⁣(And what I wish for you for the week ahead!)

6.♨ Island Stay-Cays & Farmhouse Bliss

In local news: Many people that live in Malta cross the Malta-Gozo Channel and head for a stay-cay on the sister island of Gozo. 🛳The rise in buildings and de-constructing the much-loved traditional houses in Malta hasn’t hit Gozo, at least not yet, at the same alarming rate. But the good news is that you’ll find more gorgeous huge farm houses here. Best of all, many are fitted out with swimming pools, breathtaking views and the much-needed zen you didn’t know you needed. Ah, and being the greener sister of the two – sunsets and bucketfuls of fresh air.

7. 📍THAT Skyline & Rooftop Views

Rooftop views of Malta’s traditional balconies and… that iconic skyline. Currently, summer is in full swing! ☀️ So, days like these are puuuuurfect for a girlie catch-up and lazing in the sun, a cocktail in hand or with a refreshing glass of something
that rhymes with M I N E!
Can you see the (Marsaxmett) harbour?
This was taken from the rooftop bar in
📍Embassy Hotel,
but if you’re looking for more, here’s the 10 Best Rooftop Bars in Malta to Visit Right Now. 🍹

8.💎Local Gem: The Mulberries

📑Down a Zabbar hamlet among nature and nothing else. A perfect escape and off the beaten path. Inside, you’re greeted by a dreamy courtyard with high exposed ceilings and loads of cosy corners. Oh, and did I mention the private gardens? There you’ll find orangeries, peace and, of course – Mulberries.
During my stay, the owners – Aaron and Jesabel, showed me around their boutique guesthouse, sharing its story📖:
The Mulberries now stand in the place of an older traditional farmhouse. So it’s a treat seeing traces of history and vintage finds from eras long gone by.🎗
I’ve long been a fan of unique stays. Places with a bit of soul and far from tourist traps. As someone who values stories, passion and local traditions, The Mulberries is a gem, and you can read my review here

9. ❤What do you Love About Malta?

Shortly after the borders reopened after the 2020 pandemic, I caught the news as tourists began trickling in. During one particular interview, tourists were asked by a sea of waiting reporters:
“What do you love about Malta?”
Some excitedly mentioned baroque architecture and the beaches.
Others said the culture,
but many referred to the history, specifically The Great Siege in 1565.

If you’re a lover of Malta’s history, this is where most of that bloody battle would have occurred.
I’ll spare you the detail😩 but looking at the pretty port now… it’s hard to imagine the grotesque scenes that played out.

Today the Grand Harbour (or the Port of Valletta as it’s also known) is one of the largest marinas in the world. It is surrounded by fortifications, bastions and defensive towers.
You can see Valletta’s neighbouring villages here, such as Kalkara and Paolo.
But what I love is: seeing Birgu, Bormla and Senglea – collectively known as The Three Cities- seemingly leap out of the water!
what do you love about Malta?❤

10. 🥵Scorching Summer Tip

🏳This cat in Xlendi perfectly represents everyone on the Maltese Islands right now. (and quite possibly in Southern Europe). At the time of writing temperatures 
have well exceeded 40°C🌡 The sea is 30°C, which, when you consider an average relaxing bath is between 32° C and 40°; 🛁let’s just say it’s pretty toooooasty.
But in other news: if you’re over this way in Gozo and looking for a nice place to eat. And with picture-perfect views of the gorgeous emerald waters – Ta’Karolinas comes highly recommended 👌🏾 

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