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Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit #2

So, in this week’s series of Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit, follow me to a cliffside cave with mythological legends, a perfect Mediterranean scene inviting you to slow down and savour the rhythms of the Maltese islands, talking of which, discover which Valletta bar joyfully celebrates the capital city’s multicultural past in an uplifting swirl of melodic symphonies and much more.

1.🤿Dwejra Natural Wonder

Discover a diver’s utopia at Dwejra Inland Sea in Gozo! Plunge into this natural wonder through the mesmerising 80m tunnel funnelling you through to the Mediterranean Sea.

Feel your adrenaline surge as the sea bed, which starts at 2m depth, drops to 60 meters, revealing an underwater haven teeming with life—a patchwork of colours full of enchanting marine creatures.

But that’s not all—how about a unique experience? A luzzu boat ride through the canyon! For just €4, set sail on a voyage of wonder through narrow passages with your camera at the ready to capture the most breathtaking sights straight out of a dream.

Dwejra in Gozo is the ultimate playground for aquatic adventurers seeking natural wonders and heart-pounding experiences.

So, head here to uncover the extraordinary beauty that lies beneath the surface. Or if you wanna stay dry… you’ve got the luzzu and of course the scenery!

2. ☀Summer, Summer, Summertime

In the words of Will Smith, summer, summer summertime is full swing here at the moment, so it’s hardly a surprise and the island has become a watery wonderland.

What’s more, with over 122 kms of pristine coastlines to choose from, guess what’s the top activity right now? Yep, swimming. And best of all, you can choose whether to step onto the soft sandy beaches or venture to rocky coves.

To be fair, all of Malta’s coastal gems are breathtaking. Oh, and all available to the public, promising endless fun for everyone!

One other thing: during the balmy summer months, you’ll find plenty of makeshift ladders dotting the coastline, inviting you to take a refreshing dip into the crystal-clear waters! And pretty much from anywhere you fancy!

And by the way, you don’t have to just go swimming. Sunset watching and from the sea comes highly recommended. Especially this time of year. But I’ll tell you something…Sunsets in Malta never seem to disappoint. Read this post, if you’re still wondering when is the best time to visit!

3.🌊5 Steps to Comino

🌟 Step 1:
Of course, any trip to Malta is incomplete without a spot of island-hopping! And there are countless boat tour trips you can set sail on to explore Comino. Booking tickets is a breeze too – no hassle, just pure excitement!

Step 2:
On this particular boat tour, the adventure begins at 09.30 sharp. Between the salty breeze, gliding along the Med, to the excited laughter echoing from the deck… the scene for an incredible day is set.

🏞️ Step 3:
First stop: Gozo! Well briefly, but it’s enough time to soak in the picturesque views and a little taster of just what makes Gozo soooo enchanting. But wait, the best is yet to come!

🚤 Step 4:
Next up: Comino for a slice of paradise! All I’m gonna say is, get ready for an amazing experience where you explore otherworldly caves. And the highlight? You get to dive off the boat and swim to a sandy beach hidden inside a small cave. Call it a 40-meter underwater wonder!

🥳 Step 5:
As the sun sets on the day’s adventure, you’ll return to the shore with a ton of beautiful memories, so make sure you snap at least a few of them! By the way, you can catch a ferry to Comino (and Gozo). But, none of ‘em will let you get this up close and personal with the islands’ underwater gems.

So, during your next visit be sure to book yourself on a seafaring escapade.

4. 🏝 Gozo’s (well) Hidden Gem

Gozo is well known for its numerous fascinating caves, but let’s shine a spotlight on Tal Mixta Cave shall we? It’s a (well) hidden gem that will leave you in awe!

Tucked within the village of Nadur’s cliffside, this cave will show you breathtaking vistas of the famous Ramla Bay beach and a lush, fertile valley. Seriously, it’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

Oh, and if you’re into all things Greek mythology, Tal Mixta Cave is believed to be the very spot where the nymph Calypso once held Odysseus as her prisoner (in “Homer’s Odyssey.”)🧜‍♂️

Even though Tal-Mixta is gaining popularity among visitors and locals alike, it still remains a beautiful hidden gem within Gozo.
And one you absolutely must-visit to experience the wonder and immerse yourself in the stories!

5.✨Enigmatic Islet Filfla

Can you see that enigmatic gem emerging from the horizon? That’s Filfla, one of the smallest isles in the Maltese archipelago. ✨
Meaning “pepper” in Arabic, Filfla was once used by the Brits for military practice.

Now, the isle is protected. So, it’s best to gaze at Filfla from the sea and let me tell you, it’s like stepping into a mythical tale. Oh, and catch this beauty during sunset when the sky puts on a show, treating you to gold, pink, and orange hues, setting the stage for an evening of awe.

And there’s more because Filfla’s not just a pretty face – it’s a wildlife haven! Where it’s been left alone to just be and flourish. Filfla is home to endemic and majestic seabirds soaring high above and a rich marine world dancing beneath the surface!

So although you can’t get too close, personally, that adds to Filfla’s mystique. But nothing stopping you from snapping that perfect shot!😉

6. 🛳 Malta’s Bible Stories

Glide across the sparkling Mediterranean waters to reach an ethereal realm—St. Paul’s Islands, where legends and history are celebrated.

The isles hold a powerful tale of spirituality and are accessible only by boat or from various viewpoints around Malta like Selmun in Mellieha where this shot was taken.

So you may not be in the know, but Apostle Paul caused quite a stir on the Maltese islands. His story starts with a dramatic shipwreck here whilst en route to Rome in 60AD. And it is even documented in the Bible (Acts 28 if you want to check it out for yourself)

After his accident, Paul ended up sticking around for three months and used the opportunity to teach the word of God— And leaving an indelible mark on Malta’s spiritual legacy.

It’s crazy to think that today over two millennia later, over 95% of the Maltese population identifies as Christian. a testament to the power of Paul’s teachings.

So, regardless of your faith, as you see St. Paul’s Islands the allure of this sacred haven becomes undeniable—a spot where faith, history, and natural beauty intertwine in beautiful harmony.

7.🎬Action: Island Life

Pick one. Any of Malta’s sun-drenched beaches and head out for a stroll.

Guaranteed it won’t be long before you stumble onto a typical Mediterranean scene: fishermen close to the shore, their lines dancing in tune with the crystalline waters. Patience and understanding are etched into their faces, a testament to generations of mastery.

Experience this cultural moment, where time slows down, inviting you to stop, stare, and savour it.

Honestly, It’s a little slice of island life you didn’t know you needed—the perfect escape from the everyday hustle. Immerse yourself in the tradition, appreciate the simplicity, and find tranquillity in the rhythm of the Maltese islands.

8.💺Your Carriage Awaits!

Mdina is a fairytale in its own right. And, of course, you don’t need to reach the end to live happily ever after.

You’re the main character in this tale, and you get to decide on the adventure you have.

Will you explore the enchanting narrow back alleys?

Marvel at the stunning architecture or visit another one of Malta’s opulent churches?

Game of Thrones fans have the chance to see where Ned lost his head! Or Littlefinger’s Brothel, or better still why not indulge in some delicious eateries here, served with a picturesque view of the Eastern side of the island?

But one of my favourite things about Mdina is that it’s car-free. So, you get to enjoy all of this distraction-free. Oh, and did I mention you can ride the silent city should you so wish, in a horse-drawn carriage? Yep, your carriage awaits!

9. 🎼Valletta’s Eclectic Mix

Step into Babel Bistro & Bar, Valletta’s hidden gem, where late-night magic unfurls into a vibrant swirl of live music and multicultural delight.

Talented artists from around the globe, including locals, create a soul-stirring melodic symphony against the backdrop of Valletta’s skyline.
The audience, a colourful mosaic, bonds over their love of music whilst drinking and revelling in the atmosphere.

The friendly bar staff represent a melting pot of cultures and welcome you with infectious smiles.

Babel celebrates Valletta’s eclectic past by embracing diversity in every strum, beat, and cheer. So if you’re looking for a good night filled with incredible melodies and a intoxicating mix of diversity.

Join this buzzing crowd at the Valletta gem—Babel. Come for a drink and stay to witness the magic that unites cultures through live music.

10. 📸Iconic Facades

Are these the most iconic facades in Malta? Absolutely! Well wander through the ancient parts of the island and prepare to be enchanted by the countless traditional balconies gracing the likes of Rabat, The Three Cities, and Valletta. But until then, let me share some fascinating facts:

Gallerijas (as they’re known in Maltese) are elegantly crafted from wood and adorned with charming glass panels and serve a dual purpose—they’re not only beautiful but also your ticket to people-watching without raising any eyebrows!

So fun fact: the inspiration for gallerija dates back to ancient times, with roots in the intriguing “Muxrabija,” with origins in the Arab world where in Arabic translates to “spy hole” or “peeping hole.”

Back then, Muxrabija played a clever role in protecting gorgeous wives from prying neighbours, but here, they play temperature regulators, and…make for the cosiest reading nooks!

So there you go some facts on the Maltese Traditional balconies. A simple thing to do is just to take a stroll and let the iconic architecture whisk you away.

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