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How to Spend 24 Hours in Gozo: Day Trip Itinerary

How to Spend 24 Hours in Gozo: Day Trip Itinerary

Guess what one of the best things to do in Malta is? Island-hopping! More specifically… a day trip to Gozo. So, I’ve curated an ultimate Gozo day trip itinerary to help you around the island, highlighting what to see and do when you have less than 24 hours. Save this itinerary for your next visit. It includes 25 top recommendations and must-visit places. And, I’ve sprinkled in one or two gems for you to soak up too. I ❣️ all these places, and I hope you do too. Even though I’ve visited them countless times, they still blow my mind. So, I’d love to hear which place resonates with you the most—feel free to share your favourite from the list! This Gozo Day Trip Itinerary has been carefully curated to inspire and guide. I’ve purposely added more attractions and things to do than you can possibly experience in less than 24 hours. But, I want you to pick, choose, go with the flow, and just like I have… experience Gozo at your own pace.

Gozo day trip itinerary via the hop on/hop off bus

How to Get to Gozo

Setting Off on Your Gozo Adventure

Though ferries run throughout the day, it’s best to get a head start on your day trip to Gozo and start early. Hop aboard the Malta Ferry bound for Gozo from Cirkewwa at 8:15 am. Before you know it, you’ll be saying “Bongu” to Gozo ready for a day of endless adventure.

Getting Around Gozo

You have a few options:

• Hiring a car once in Gozo from €60 per day

• Hire a jeep/jeep tour from €60 per day

• Hop on, hop off bus cost between €17-€25

Public Transport Routes 309-330 from €1.50 – €2.00 per journey completed in 2 hours (€FREE for locals/residents with Tallinja card)

Enjoy Gozo’s Beaches

📍09:15-12:00 Beach Day:

Let’s begin this Gozo day trip itinerary with a slice of paradise—take your pick with Gozo’s exquisite beaches. Choose between the pristine waters of Daħlet Qorrot Bay and the renowned beauty of Ramla Bay, both top must-visit places.

Nearby Ramla Bay’s unique red sands are a must-see. But you can amp up your red-beach experience by hiking to Tal Mixta Cave for cliffside panoramic views

For gorgeous hues and untamed nature, Daħlet Qorrot Bay is your answer. The quirky boathouses that fringe the bay give it a touch of whimsy, resembling Fred and Wilma’s iconic gaffe.

Then there’s cerulean il-Qbajjar Bay. Don’t miss your chance to see its wacky rock-strewn shores, which remind me of a Jackson Pollock masterpiece. A stone’s throw away, you can immerse yourself in local culture at Xwejni Salt Pans. This attraction highlights how salt pans were harvested back in the day.

Finally, for a beach day with extra adventure, hike 3 miles and rock up to the crystal-clear pebbly-bayed Wied Il Ghasri. Remember, it’s a natural beauty with no facilities, so bring water, drinks, and essentials.

Explore the ❤️ of Gozo (Victoria)

📍12:30 – 15:00 Victoria:

All roads lead to Victoria, Gozo’s buzzing capital city that demands your attention! And any Gozo Day Trip Itinerary would be incomplete without a plan to venture there. So, visit you must. There’s always something head-turning happening in Victoria, with its ever-changing events and scenes. Once I visited and caught the tail end of horses dashing through the main streets at exhilarating speeds. Before later discovering that was all part of the annual horse race. But horse race aside, there’s plenty more things to see and do while in Victoria.

Known locally as Rabat, it is home to the Citadel, a historical gem that invites you to uncover its stories. Immerse yourself in culture and history, all while soaking in sweeping views of the island from its elevated point. The Citadel is also home to some of Gozo’s most curious museums, including The Archaeology Museum and The Old Prison.

The winding streets of Gozo invite you to wander, leading you to discover the bustling market of Indipendenza and the stately St. George’s Basilica. Feel free to step inside for a closer look or simply admire its beauty from the open-air cafes and watering holes surrounding the square (where the pretty church is located).

When you are hungry, explore the many dining options in the square and its vicinity. Café Jubilee (opposite the square on Republic Street) comes highly recommended. Offering an array of delicious choices at affordable prices, it’s the ideal spot for a satisfying lunch. But, before you wave goodbye to Victoria, soak it all in:

  • sample Gozitan specialties
  • take a leisurely stroll down Republic Street,
  • find tranquility in Rundle Gardens,
  • enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many charming coffee parlours,
  • and don’t forget to appreciate the architectural heritage.

Much of those iconic facades around Victoria are extremely old. And talking of history, here’s a fun fact for you: the streets on St. George’s square are the oldest on the island, so go see! 

Visit Traditional Village, Gharb

📍15:30-17:15 Gharb:

Venture west to the traditional village of Gharb. A quintessential Gozitan village known for its labyrinthine streets and cultural treasures, proudly standing as one of the island’s oldest. Begin at the revered Ta’Pinu Basilica church—Gozo’s miracle shrine adorned with stunning mosaics.

Next stop: Ta’Dbiegi Crafts Village. Much like London’s creative haven, Shoreditch, Ta’Dbiegi Crafts Village is a hub of local artisans showcasing crafts like lace weaving and mouth-blown glass. It’s the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and enjoy a coffee break at the Ta’Dbiegi Crafts Village Cafeteria.

Gharb’s outdoors is another calling card, wooing you with sights such as Wied Mielah— a sort of second “Azure Window”.

However, to truly amplify your Gozo experience, make sure not to miss the village square. It’s here that the Gharb Folklore Centre is located. So, visit for a chance to delve deeper into Gozitan culture and history. Another option is to savour the moment. You can simply sip on something nice, mingle with the locals, and get a taste of Gozitan village life! 

See Amazing Sights & Watch Sunset

📍17:30- 19:15 Gozo Day Trip Finale: Sunset

End your day at a picturesque place to not only enjoy but also to watch the sunset. The destination is Dwejra — a hotspot for sunset watching, well before the Azure Window fell. But, don’t worry. Dwerja still holds breathtaking sights such as the Blue Hole and Dwejra Inland Sea. Even without the Azure Window, Dwerja is a must-visit. As the golden hour approaches, enjoy a €4 boat ride on a traditional luzzu. Hop aboard a unique experience at the foot of the inland sea. There you’ll be treated to an incredible ride through an 80-meter canyon that culminates in the open Mediterranean waters.

For a livelier sunset experience, make your way to Xlendi Bay. Here, you have a few delightful options: try a masterfully crafted cocktail from one of the bay-side bars, enjoy an unobstructed view from either the bay itself or a rooftop bar, and consider grabbing dinner at the charming Ta’Karolinas while the sun sets on another amazing day!

Heading Back to Malta

Views overlooking Mgarr Harbour from Country Club Restaurant

📍20:15 – Mgarr Harbour:

Finally, before you go, remember that ferries run until 23:15. If you’re not ready to leave and prefer to enjoy dinner now, there’s Tmun Restaurant just 2 minutes away. The food there is top-notch, although prices lean toward the higher side. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that’s equally delightful, consider heading to the Country Terrace. This restaurant serves up quality food with panoramic views overlooking Mgarr Harbour, located approximately 7 minutes away on foot. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of bars in the vicinity. Just be careful not to miss that last ferry!

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