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Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit #4

Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit #4

So, in this week’s series of Malta in the Spotlight: Pics to Inspire Your Next Visit, follow me to a 8 cave system via boat ride, the capital city’s Instagrammable streets, a 500-year-old tradition and more.

1.📸Valletta’s Instagrammable Street

Every village in Malta has it’s own unique charm. In Valletta’s case: baroque architecture,  cobbled streets,  gallerija-lined,  cosy cafés, artsy bars,  alfresco restaurants and pretty back streets like this one make you feel like you’ve stumbled on a secret [though you really haven’t].  When I’m not playing tourist or window shopping in Valletta’s knick and knacks. I love plonking myself right here nursing a drink and people-watching. ⁣
This is another street they say is instagrammable. But, the same could be said of many a street strolling around Valletta. You only need look! 😉⁣

📍St Lucia Street, Valletta⁣

2.🌊100 Steps to Paradise

Sharing with you the aptly named Paradise Bay. I’m usually a little cynical when a place has a name such as “beautiful” or “wonderful” ⁣

But, wouldn’t you agree that Paradise Bay lives up to it’s name? 😍⁣

Personally,  this is one of my favourite beaches on the e n t i r e. island. Moreso for the natural beauty and secluded coves. Not to mention the untamed scenery fringing Paradise Bay. ⁣

So, from up here there are over 100 steps standing between you and those pristine waters. A definite case of stairway to heaven or (paradise).

3. 🛶Enjoy a Traditional Ride to 3 Cities

It may sound simple, but my no.1 thing to do during a visit to The 3 Cities is: exploring the labyrinth of narrow alleyways.⁣

A stroll along these centuries old streets takes you to the prettiest of traditional Maltese houses and the stunning St Lawrence Church. ⁣

I know Valletta and Mdina have been popularised (with good reason) but the vibe is different here. Mainly because because this is where you’ll find much of Malta’s treasures.⁣

Visiting is a must. But before you do, did you know The Three Cities are known by more than one name?

I’d hate for for you to get confused, so here are a fun facts just for you ❣️

Birgu aka ‘Vittoriosa’ – the full name ‘Cittá Vittoriosa’, was given by the Knights of Malta, following their epic battle in the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. It translates to “Victorious City”. ⁣

Bormla aka ‘Cospicua’ got its name from the prominent fortifications built around the city. The full name is ‘Citta Cospicua’ means The Conspicuous City.⁣

But, Senglea is a little more special because it has three names.⁣

Isla, meaning ‘Island’ was the original name. Isla then became Senglea after Grand Master Claude de la Senglea -who fortified the city before The Great Siege.⁣.
Finally, the name Citta Invicta was given after 1565’s battle meaning “Invincible City”.

The three cities are easily accessible by Valletta and you can travel there by a short bus ride or…⁣

by public ferry costing €2.80 return/€1.50 but you know what’s way more fun? ⁣Hitching a ride on a traditional wooden gondola-looking dgħajsa, (€2.00 per person from 📍Valletta Waterfront).⁣

4. 🇶🇦500 Year-Old Tradition.

Valletta may be the smallest city in the EU but it’s soooo easy to feel lost among the pretty back streets, churches and cute alleyways.⁣ There’s just so much to see and do.

Plus, did you know there are over 300 historical monuments located there? Well, you do now! This is hands down the reason why Valletta has been described as one of the “most concentrated historic sites in the world”

Perfect for a day spent geeking out on Malta’s rich history and culture. And talking of culture make your way over to The Saluting Battery at noon and 4pm to see a re-enactment of a 500 year old tradition.

You can see this for free and it comes highly recommended! But, read this post if you’re looking for even more (fab) and free things to do in Valletta

5.💙 Grotto Boat Ride

When describing the incredible shades of blue or turquoise waters surrounding the Blue Grotto… ⁣

it’s really hard not to include too many superlatives. ⁣

Just take a look for yourself 💙 ⁣

But first of all, did you know the iconic Blue Grotto (Malta) is part of a larger cave system? ⁣

So, there are 8 caves in total and you can explore each by taking a scenic 20 minute boat ride. ⁣

⁣Our tour guide said he spotted a pod of passing dolphins 🐬 only the day before. ⁣ So you never know!😜

⁣💙 Blue Grotto Rides are weather dependent + cost €8 ⁣

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