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How to Thrive in Your 40’s (Like Beyoncé & Meghan)

Ever wondered what it takes to thrive in your 40s? Or how to ooze confidence and redefine success? Drawing inspiration from the fabulous Beyoncé and Meghan Markle – or more specifically: those viral videos of Meghan busting moves with her mum, Doria, and hubby Prince Harry at Beyoncé’s Renaissance Concert last week have sparked joy and got me thinking.

These two fierce queens, both in their 40s, aren’t just ruling their world; they’re showing us how to do it too. So, let’s plunge into how Queen Bey and the Duchess of Sussex are giving major main character energy and are the ultimate 40-something dream team, lighting up the path and showing us how to thrive. (Yep, even in our 40’s).

Smash it at Every Stage 🤗

If you’re wondering, just what the first step of living your best life is, then take your cue from Queen Bey herself, who at 42 is still strutting her stuff. As she puts it,confidence is the most alluring thing a woman can have‘. In fact, she embodies this mantra, commanding the stage with electrifying confidence, and smashing her passions unapologetically. And no, I haven’t lost my mind. I know you’re not Queen Bey, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t got your own unique gift(s) or a life to thrive in, now does it?

Thoughts On Confidence & Self-Expression

  • Channel Your Inner Sasha Fierce:
    You know how Beyoncé’s alter-ego is none other than Sasha Fierce? More than likely borne out of a “fake it until you make it sitch.” Well, since “Beyoncé wasn’t Beyoncé in a day,” you too can channel your own inner Sasha Fierce and affirm, “I won’t dim my light for anyone!” You’re a force too, so refuse to shrink to fit someone else’s expectations. Embrace your full fabulous self.
  • Embrace Your Uniqueness:
    Confidence thrives when you own what sets you apart. I know it goes against normal Western society, but someone has to make a stand, why not you? So in the words of Beyoncé’, “flaunt the beautiful things that make you, well, you.”
  • Chase Your Dreams:
    Trust your instincts and chase your dreams like a boss. Beyoncé’s 25+ year career is proof that following your calling is a game-changer.

Own Who You Are ✨️

Oh and you don’t need to be a superstar or a royal to achieve your goals. Forget about timelines “shoulda-wouldas” and like Meghan Markle says, become “comfortable in your own skin”. So, embrace who you are and go after what sets your soul on fire.

Thoughts On Embracing Self-Identity

  • Celebrate Individuality:
    Embrace who you are and go after what sets your soul on fire.
  • Rid Negative Vibes:
    When it comes to thriving in your 40s, negativity has no place. Let go of anything (or one) weighing you down? Ain’t no one got time for toxic vibes? 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Surround Yourself with Positivity:
    Surrounding yourself with uplifting people is key. Because hanging out with Debbie Downers will age you faster than you can say, “40 is the new 30.”
  • Find Your Tribe:
    Take a look around you, find your tribe, and pursue your unique version of success
  • Thrive not Survive:
    Remember, life isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving. You gotta aim higher than merely survival. And why not? Even at 40, you can still “run the world!” 💃🏾

Second Chances & New Beginnings 🍃

Fresh starts are for everyone, no matter your age. And who embodies this better than Meghan Markle? From love, motherhood, and relocating to protect her peace (all after reaching a milestone age might I add.) She highlights that a shiny new adventure awaits.

Thoughts On Starting Over

  • Identify Your Calling:
    Take a sec to pinpoint the exciting venture calling your name. Whether it’s a career change, a shiny new hobby, a blossoming romance, or a daring life transformation, rest assured, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.
  • Break It Down:
    Don’t let the steps to your fresh start overwhelm you. Create goals and break them into bite-sized chunks. Just be sure to celebrate each mini accomplishment.
  • Seek Guidance:
    Though, It may not happen in a dramatic “Beyoncé called” fashion, connect with fellow fierce souls who’ve followed their hearts on similar fresh starts.  Believe me when I tell you, their insights and advice are worth their weight in gold on your journey.
  • Embrace Change:
    Keep an open mind and an open heart as you welcome change because letting go and moving on is the secret ingredient to making your fresh start sizzle.


Go Live Your Best Life!🎉

Before I go, let me say, living your best life isn’t just a discussion; it’s a bold invitation. An invitation to conquer your 30s, 40s, and beyond with unwavering confidence. Age? In the words of the late Aaliyah, “is nothing but a number.”

The real question is: How will you own who you are (with confidence), redefine success on your terms, wholeheartedly and embrace fresh starts? 🤔

Beyoncé and Meghan are illuminating the path on how to live your best life, and since you have joined this epic celebration…what are you waiting for?  #40andthriving

Published by Girl in Malta