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Get Out There & Discover Your Tribe

Get Out There & Discover Your Tribe

When was the last time you put yourself out there and tried something new?

So my “new thing” was an outdoorsy meetup primarily for people from ethnic minorities, but inclusivity is at its core. Mind you, that’s London for you!

We kicked off with a delightful bird-watching expedition, I say “we” but I could barely work my binoculars let alone tell you a red robin from a sparrow.

But that really wasn’t the point. And besides, it was my first time. After strolling around the nature park channeling our inner David Attenborough, we gathered for a lunch, forming a vibrant picnic of 170 or so individuals. It’s here that the magic of community truly came to life.

The moments that stood out were marked by instant connections forged amidst the picturesque setting. Our collective joy during the picnic was palpable, like an electric current of positivity coursing through the group.

Within this diverse assembly of like-minded souls, we shared a profound passion for the outdoors and celebrated inclusivity and diversity. It was a reminder that by embracing our passions and prioritising our joy, we find our tribe, regardless of our backgrounds – and it’s powerful.

Our collective joy during the picnic was palpable, like an electric current of positivity coursing through the group.

Between bites of tuna and cheese sandwiches, we soaked in fascinating tidbits shared by conservationists and zoologists and other experts that came along.

We oohed and ahhed emphatically at a heartfelt talk by a young man with an infectious smile who had just spearheaded an impromptu fundraising effort for the ongoing war in Sudan. By the way, the gathering also includes talented photographers, soulful singers, captivating poets, and a host of other creatives.

—a courageous queen, stood before us to share her courageous story

One particular moment is etched into my memory—a courageous queen, her eyes shining with determination, stood before us. She revealed her recent decision to end a long-term relationship. But, it wasn’t about feeling sorry for her breakup; instead, it was a powerful display of resilience. And the group erupted into cheers and whoops of encouragement, an outpouring of support for her choice. In that moment, I felt a deep sense of solidarity with this group of individuals who celebrated not just their joys but the courage to navigate life’s challenges.

In this serene natural setting, as we passed tranquil lakes and observed diverse birdlife, my learning continued. I absorbed fascinating facts about birds and even a fun facts about the curious world of cat poo! (Not joking). To me all this illustrates how spending time in communities can foster learning, not just about the world around you but also about yourself. I left feeling empowered to extend inclusivity and lift up others, which I plan to explore further.

I could go on and on about my experience at the meetup; but I’ll wrap up by saying, it left me with a deep reminder of the strength in inclusivity and diversity. So much so, I want to emphasise to you: the importance of celebrating your passions and happiness. Use it as a pathway to finding your own tribe.

There’s a transformative power in community, inspiring not only personal growth but also a desire to empower others. Remember, it’s a two-way street

birds of a feather…
Flock Together and the apt name of The Meetup Group

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