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What’s Your Fave Thing About the Sea?

What do you love most about the sea?

It’s a question that springs to mind as summer bids us goodbye. I mean it won’t be too long before salty air and sun-kissed shores are a distant memory.

And going by the tons of visitors here this summer, it’s fair to say: the sea holds an irresistible charm.

Not only is the sea picturesque, but considering only 5% of it has been explored, it’s literally another world, one of mystery, but where we know nature’s beauty unfolds, tranquillity finds a home, creativity dances, and mindfulness whispers in the waves.

I’m sure everyone has their own unique things they love about the sea. But below, i’ll share six short things I love about the sea.

1. The Natural Beauty

The sea’s landscapes, especially during sunrise and sunset, are awe-inspiring. There’s a magic in the way the sky paints its canvas of colours over the water. And I always say, “Sunrise or sunset (but I have a soft spot for sunrise) hit differently from the sea.”

2. A Sense of Calm

By the shore, feeling the waves at my feet, it’s incredible how worries simply melt away. Sounds like magic that you can go from a head full of thoughts to a state of tranquillity right? But really it’s the whooshing sound of the waves. That and the fact it stabilises your nervous system (Another reason to 💙 the sea!)

3. Creativity Unleashed

Make no mistake, the sea ignites creativity. How can it not? Its ever-changing scenes inspire art, photography, and writing. It’s as if the sea is a storyteller, and we’re here to collect all its beautiful tales.

4. Mindfulness in Every Ripple

Every step on the shore becomes a meditation, a chance to be present. It’s the simple pleasure of watching the waves, feeling the sand, and breathing in bucketfuls of fresh salty air.

5. Thrills of Water Activities

Whether it’s surfing the waves or exploring beneath the surface, the sea offers adventures aplenty. I vividly recall my first sunrise swim, accompanied by schools of fish seemingly on their breakfast run.

6. Life’s Lessons in the Ebb and Flow

I love watching the ebb and flow of the sea, do you? I like to think of it as a vivid metaphor of resilience, showing us that just as the waves fall, they rise, and so can you. A “yes, you can” moment!

Now, have you thought about what you love most about the sea?