Sunrise & Sunset

Team sunrise or team sunset? Okay, before you choose... sunrise from Ghadira Bay hits differently... ❤
I'm a little obsessed with sun, sand and sea! Hbu? ❤
You got to look for the magic in the day. HINT: It's the little things ⭐
POV: You've just finished your sunset camel ride and you're waiting for the stars to come out in Wadi Rum ✨
All churches were shut during the pandemic , but ever since then, this little spot became the perfect sanctuary! ✨
It seems ages ago now, but I took part in a month-long 30K daily walking challenge. And I know it sounds like whooooa, but once you get into the swing of it, it's easy. Not only is walking amazing for you mental get to explore your local area (or others) Oh and disclaimer: I didn't get up to 30K everyday.