Strolls along Sliema Promenade

Maybe it's a combination of the vibrant Mediterranean hues. Strolls along the Sliema promenade Or perhaps, the traditional Maltese houses lining the streets. Traditional Maltese houses. The balconies are known as "Gallerija's" It's 100% the pull of the brilliant turquoise waters, the salty air and even the-work-in-progress Maltese skyline... that gently coax you into a …

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Giving cigarettes the cold turkey

Smoking featured heavily in my day-to-day life for, well... most of my adult life: it became my ritual, daily mantra and my best friend. When I felt anxious, cigarettes were always on hand, ready to take the uncomfortable feelings away. If I needed a break from handling a difficult or challenging situation, or "managing" conflict... …

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