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Imposters Syndrome: The Ultimate Killer Of Dreams + Creativity

On: Calling out the real imposter + hard words with my inner critic

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5 Practical Tips For Being More In The Present Moment

As an over thinker with an inability to stay in the present moment, discovering mindfulness was a game-changer. Beforehand, I straddled both the future and the past, frequently teetering between the two. My head an endless stream of mindless chatter. Looking back, it’s any wonder I managed to get anything done with all that going […]

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How To Get Unstuck & Start Living Your Dream Life in 11 Transformative Steps

2020 reiterated that life is short, and the time is now…to start living your dream life. After all, to live the dream takes a degree of fearlessness, hope and resilience – all badass traits 2020 proved we have (yes, even in the heartbreaking and painful moments when it didn’t feel that way). Maybe last year […]

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79 Easy (Peasy) Habits For a Happier Life

2 weeks. Can you believe it. There’s only two weeks left of 2020. Have you given much thought to a new new years resolution? Well…. How about forming a new habit instead… it’s longer lasting and will make you feel happier and healthier. There are so many you can try that will empower and uplift […]


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