Beaches in Malta are everywhere. What’s more, the islands are home to some of the best sandy beaches, each with its unique charm. Some boast soft, powder-like sands and hold prestigious Blue Flag status (beach speak for a 5*-like rating), while others are surrounded by rugged rocks that stretch as far as the eye can see. All of them are pristine gems with crystalline waters, just waiting for you to discover. I’ve curated a list of over 40 stunning beaches in Malta, including Gozo and Comino. They’re all just a scroll away, promising you your slice of paradise.

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🅿️ Parking available on first-come- first-serve-basis.

1. Ghadira Bay 🤿🏖🅿️

📍(Mellieha, Malta)

Let’s kick off our beach adventure at Ghadira Bay. This sandy wonder is a local favourite, and for good reason. With its golden sands and shallow waters 100m out…it’s giving Jesus-walking-on-water-vibes, but it’s perfect for families and sunseekers. So, you may want to get here early, to grab a spot. Plus. Ghadira Bay is also perfect for a (sunrise) swim.

2. Golden Sands 🤿🏖🅿️

📍(Għajn Tuffieħa, Malta)

Golden Sands is Malta’s second largest sandy beach. And is another gem in Malta’s treasure trove of beaches. Here, you’ll be captivated by the stunning views of surrounding cliffs, creating a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation and leisurely beach walks. 

3. Blue Lagoon 🤿🏖


You’ve seen the pictures and probably heard about this breathtaking beach. So, now, let’s set our sights on the Blue Lagoon in Comino. This right here is a slice of heaven. The lagoon’s bewitching, turquoise waters make it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Any visit to Comino is incomplete without so much as setting foot on the Blue Lagoon. I’ll warn you: the crowds swell during the summer months, still, it’s worth it!

4. St. Peter’s Pool🤿🅿️

📍(Marsaxlokk, Malta)

Nature’s gift to swimmers, St. Peter’s Pool is a must-visit. Carved into the rocks, this beach is an absolute darling. Moreso if you love cliff jumping and refreshing, quirky dips. Get ready for some serious fun in the sun– and rocks!

5. Xlendi Bay🤿🏖🅿️


📣Calling all divers and snorkellers: Xlendi Bay is a dream come true. Its crystal-clear waters are an aquatic wonderland waiting to be explored. And when you’re done, the charming village nearby offers many different food options to satisfy your appetite.

6. Dwejra Inland Sea🤿🏖🅿️

📍 (Gozo)

Dwejra was once famous for the Azure Window (collapsed in 2017😪), but it’s still an iconic spot. Think: coral reefs, diving spots and bewitching wonders. The inland sea and unique coastal features make it a captivating destination. Outdoorsy, history, beach, and nature lovers, this one’s for you!

7. St. Thomas Bay 🤿🏖🅿️

📍(Marsascala, Malta)

St. Thomas Bay is another sandy beach, this time in the south of the island. The popular bay invites you to snorkel, unwind, or simply reconnect with nature.

8. Font Ghadir 🤿🏖🅿️

📍(Sliema, Malta)

Sliema beaches offer an urban beach experience like no other. Don’t miss the Blue-flagged-status Font Ghadir. But there’s also rocky Qui-Si-Sana nearby. Swim in the sea, oh and you must take a dip in one of the natural pools—it’s a must! But if it’s peace you seek, then head to cerulean-shaded Sliema Beach; it’s always quiet and unlike most of Sliema’s beaches… sandy.

9. Gnejna Bay 🤿🏖🅿️

📍(Mġarr, Malta)

Gnejna Bay is a natural beauty with its golden sands and rustic ambience. As you plonk yourself down, you’ll appreciate the warm, welcoming vibe. Ready to relax and create lasting beach memories?

10. Ramla Bay 🤿🏖🅿️

📍 (Gozo)

Ramla Bay in Gozo is a real gem, and trust me, you’re in for a treat. Imagine striking red sands that make it one of the most unique and picturesque sandy beaches in Malta (and Gozo). The moment you set foot here, you’ll feel that it’s something truly special. Don’t miss out!

11-24. Malta’s Hidden Gems

And the beaches in Malta continues…

Anchor Bay 🏖🅿️

Yep, the one that’s the backdrop to Popeye Village. Visit for calm waters and whimsy-looking surroundings.

Armier Bay 🤿🏖🅿️

Sandy shores, clear waters, and picnic spots. What else can you ask for? It’s right here, along with front-row views of Comino.

Balluta Bay Beach 🏖🅿️

Get here early and you’ll find Ballutta Bay quiet. Located opposite the beautiful (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) church, this sandy beach (albeit small) is picturesque, delightful and ideal for epic shots.

Paradise Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Breathtaking sandy views accessed by a bit of a climb–100 steep steps. But worth it!

Ghar Lapsi 🏖🅿️

🛎Hidden gem alert! Rugged cliffs, underwater caves, and pristine waters. Think: rustic and local.

Fekruna Beach🤿🅿️

Starting from Qawra, St Pauls Bay drifts along five kms to Salina. Most of the coast is rocky, but there’s Fekruna Beach if you’ll looking for a sandy and hidden beach. It’s quite small, but less crowded and if you venture out early, you’ll have it all tp yourself. Even during summer! ☀️

Mistra Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Tucked-away cove with lush greenery and rocky terrain and nearby Selmun. Great for mixing and matching beach-bumming and hiking.

Pretty Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Pretty Bay, Birżebbuġa, Malta

Family-friendly bay with a longpromenade – perfect for leisurely walks.

Marsascala Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Local eateries and a laid-back atmosphere by the sea.

25-39.Gozo’s Lesser-Known Beaches

And Malta’s beaches keep coming…

Dahlet Qorrot Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Small bay, colourful whimsical boathouses, and stunning clear jade-green water. A hidden gem.

Xatt l-Ahmar

Another gorgeous Gozo hidden beach, practically begging for a dip! Find it serene, sun-soaked, and waiting in Għajnsielem.

Marsalforn Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Wacky-looking rock-strewn beach (but in a good way.) Plenty of good dining options too, right by the seaside.

Xwejni Bay🤿🏖🅿️

Visit here for the unique salt pans and stunning limestone formations.

Mgarr ix-Xini 🤿🅿️🏖

Peaceful and secluded, with a touch of idyllic charm.

Wied il-Għasri🤿🅿️

Follow the narrow valley from Ta’ Dbieġi Hill before heading through the village of l-Għasri and on, between iż-Żebbuġ and Ta’ Ġurdan Hill, to discover this beautiful hidden pebble beach.

Xwieni Bay🤿🏖🅿️

You get a double treat with il-Qbajjar right next door! Oh, and don’t let these shallow blue bays fool you. This is also a great diving spot– especially for beginners.

40-41. Comino’s Serene Spots✨️

P31 Wreck Site 🤿

Of the 60 or so shipwrecks, there is one in Comino— P31 Wreck Site. What’s more, with it resting on a pristine bottom, you’ll see rays, damselfish, and more marine life.

Crystal Lagoon (Comino)

A hidden gem with crystal-clear waters‐- the dreamy postcard-looking type. This spot is perfect for snorkelling, so look out for starfish and other curious-looking fish.

🌊Wrap up

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to the best beaches in Malta, Gozo and Comino. Now you’ll have to let me know which is your fave!