10 Reasons Why Malta is a Great Place to Live

Imagine if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Would you opt for London, France or perhaps...Malta?   Unsightly cranes line the work-in-progress Maltese skyline. Corruption dominates the headlines. There are 400,000 cars on the road and the safety of the driving on the (left-hand) is at times questionable, if not dangerous.  It's the... Continue Reading →

79 Easy (Peasy) Habits For a Happier Life

Have you given much thought to a new new years resolution? Well.... How about forming a new habit instead... it's longer lasting and will make you feel happier and healthier. There are so many you can try that will empower and uplift you and I have listed quite a few (79 to be exact) for... Continue Reading →

People often ask: "when is the best time to visit Malta?" At some point or other my answer to this question has changed. For a long time my answer was hands down, summer. Maltas' sizzingly h-o-t season oozes fun factor. 'Seriously' I thought. 'What's not to love?' Non-stop sunshine, 35°C+ temperatures, music festivals, boat parties... Continue Reading →

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