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New: Cost of Living In Malta (+ Little -Known Money-Saving Hacks)

Expat life in Malta, isn’t all sun, sea, breath-taking views, and perfectly curated Instagram posts. Some days it’s calculating the cost of living and looking for a cheap place to rent. Other days… expat life is walking through unfamiliar aisles, trying to figure out how to make the switch to a brand you’ve never heard […]

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10 Reasons Why Malta is a Great Place to Live

Imagine if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Would you opt for London, France or perhaps like me…Malta?   It’s the smallest country in the EU, measuring 316 square kilometres. And , described as “densely populated” with over 500,000 people living there. Unsightly cranes line the work-in-progress Maltese skyline. Corruption dominates the headlines. […]