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5 Mental Health & Self-Love Apps That Help to Make You Happier

Following my last post, I wanted to create an article for easier access to mental health and self-love resources. Self-love and mental health are topics close to my heart. Though the tide is turning and we are having more conversations around them societally, we still have a way to go. I talk a lot about travel […]

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Dancing Away The Expat Blues & 4 Simple Tips To Live Your Best Life Abroad

How Beyonce, Andra Day and British Tik-Tokers help with the inevitable expat blues


Why the Time is Now to Embrace a Slower Life 

On: Why slowing down + living intentionally frees up more time for what really makes you happy. Hint: it isn’t social media

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Imposters Syndrome: The Ultimate Killer Of Dreams + Creativity

On: Calling out the real imposter + hard words with my inner critic

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5 Practical Tips For Being More In The Present Moment

As an over thinker with an inability to stay in the present moment, discovering mindfulness was a game-changer. Beforehand, I straddled both the future and the past, frequently teetering between the two. My head an endless stream of mindless chatter. Looking back, it’s any wonder I managed to get anything done with all that going […]