Easter Weekend in Malta (2023): Things to do

This year, Easter Sunday falls on 9th April 2023, and Good Friday (7th April), both are public holidays in Malta. Over 95% of the Maltese identify as Catholics. So, celebrate Easter weekend with gutso devotion, tradition and fanfare. If you were in any doubt (with over 350 churches peppered across the Maltese Islands). Malta will... Continue Reading →

Malta in March (+ Things to Do)

Malta in March: the days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, and there are still fewer crowds. Though spring officially starts on 21st March, it seems Malta didn't quite get the memo (which is only a good thing). March in Malta is a good time to visit, you absolutely won't fall short on... Continue Reading →

January Blues? Just Make Sure They are Comino’s

Boasting cyan blues, milky-white bays, and awe-inspiring caves , Comino is a bucket list destination where thousands of tourists' flock to every year. Located a short boat ride away from either sister islands Malta or Gozo, The main attraction is the famed Blue Lagoon but, If you haven't yet crossed over to uninhabited islet Cominotto, swooned at the Crystal Lagoon, marvelled at the many Comino caves nor climbed to the top of St Mary’s Tower add them to your things to do and take a day trip to Comino.

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